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You Can Pray Anywhere

Sometimes our prayers are answered in ways we do not like.

A bald man in an orange shirt, khaki pants, black socks, and bowling shows is kneeling beside the bowling ball return at a lane in a bowling alley. There is a lady with short black hair, in a yellow shirt, black shorts, white socks and bowling shoes leaning over the ball return with her hand on the kneeling man’s head as if praying for him. The bowling lanes and pins are in the background of the picture.
Image provided by the author. (Pictured: My friend praying for me at the bowling alley.)
  1. Students pray in the classroom before they take an exam.
  2. Fans pray in the stadium before a kicker attempts a game-winning field goal.
  3. Basketball players pray at the foul line before attempting…



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Michael Hollifield

Blogger, speaker, passionate about encouraging humanity through personal experience.