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You mustn’t go against nature or else you can pay the price for it

Natural is nature

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Some believe that good times will never end; some believe that bad times will never end; some believe they will always stay young or look young; these beliefs have two common threads running across them: illusion and permanence.

People forget life is transient, but we are obsessed with permanence. Sometimes the obsession makes us believe that we can outmanoeuvre nature, and in our effort to outmanoeuvre nature, we lose what we had: what nature gave us.

Linda Evangelista, the face of the fashion world in the 1990s, wanted to hide her ageing, ageing that is normal for mortals, but she wasn’t a mortal. She was a Greek Goddess: Her Feline eyes, her perfect nose, sat perfectly on her statue-like face. Her beauty was regal.

“We don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000,” a statement of Linda’s best captures what her beauty meant in the glamour world. Perhaps, she lost sight of fact that we are all mortals and beating nature — ageing — can prove devastating. She went too far in her pursuit to beat nature, only to lose what she had before she started her pursuit.

The attempt to beat nature

Mrs Linda opted for a surgery that promised to make her body fat disappear — midribs, bra line. Coolsculpting, the company that was behind the surgical process, promised to freeze fat cells without pain or surgery.

No matter what the company asserts, the fact that a giant machine would pass over your body and freeze your cells to death do indicate that it isn’t as pain-free a method as it claims to be.

Linda had the money and reason for undergoing surgery. Although she was in her 50’s, she had modelling offers that a model in her 20’s can’t even think of.

The attempt turned out to be a disaster

The surgery went awry; the body backfired, and she suffered from paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH). Her body fats became accentuated, the exact opposite of what the surgery was supposed to do.

As the article puts it, “The “paradox” of this term refers to the fact that, instead of shrinking away, the fat cells actually rebound and accumulate, causing fatty deposits to multiply and swell in the treated areas.”

Nothing helped her, neither liposuction nor any surgery. The fat accumulation was the outcome of the surgery, so losing weight will not help or reverse it.

A culture that detests ageing

We live in a culture that encourages women to think that they should look 20 or 30 years younger, but we need to embrace ageing, whether for women or men. Just as death is part of our existence, so is ageing. Sometimes the culture pushes people to the extent that people forget what’s possible and what isn’t.

The body fat that she wanted to get rid of now looks distinct on her body. The fat in her body has taken the shape of the machine that was supposed to make her fat disappear. Probably, not the best thing for her to be reminded of the surgery that backfired.

Respecting nature is a much better idea whether landscape or body

Nature has its way of hitting back. We like to believe that we have tamed nature through cutting trees, blasting through mountains and building tunnels, building dams, but when nature retorts, it shows why trying to beat nature or control it is bold but an absurd idea.

Flooding, earthquakes, landslides have the imprint of humans trying to get better of nature, but sooner or later, they realise that respecting nature is a better idea.




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