You Think You Can’t, But You Actually Can

Believe in yourself and put in the effort.

Abhishek Hari


Photo by Jonathan Zerger on Unsplash

Say you’ve wanted to do something for a long time. But a part of you says that you cannot do it. So you end up not doing it. Now, imagine that you gave it a try anyway, and you ended up doing it. That’s the power of believing in yourself. You are the one denying most things. Whether you succeed or not, never go down without trying your best. Never surrender until you’ve put in 100% of your will and strength.

A part of you will forever say you can’t do it. If it ever says that, think the opposite. It is because anything is possible if one tries. Even the longest races can be completed, and the highest peaks can be captured. One has to believe in oneself and put in the effort.

This has happened to me. I used to believe that the Rubik’s Cube was impossible to solve. I had one and could never solve it. If I accidentally scrambled it, it stayed that way. But one day, everything changed. I took up the cube and spent hours on a ten-minute video on YouTube. That day, I finally solved the Rubik’s cube. Now, I can solve one in two minutes. It was because of such events that I started to believe in myself. Now, I know that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and put in the effort.