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Make healing & growth your mission for the new year ❤

Zeenat Merchant Syal, M.A, M.Sc


Do you like New Year's resolutions?

While we are absolutely all for goal setting, positive intentions, and working toward creating a better future, we also know New Year resolutions can make you feel guilty or ashamed of where you were until this point. And that is NOT a healing way to start the new year.

It’s hard for us to guess what 2024 will look like or what 2024 will bring in these completely unprecedented times. Everyday there is something new that comes up that stops us in our tracks. This past year it was AI, genocide and world weirdness(!).

So, while we can’t see our 2024 in a crystal ball, the least we can do is let go of some behaviours we may have that come in the way of us achieving our dreams and fully healing. And that means, it will lead us to clarify the way for a surely positive and healing 2024.

When we master this, think of it as healing foundation work, we can then put all our new year to-heal things in our journal(download your FREE growth journal at the end of this post) and begin working on making them a reality!

Well lovelies, here are 3 things to put on your 2024 TO-HEAL list->

3 things to put on your 2024 to-heal list

1. Let go of negativity to heal

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Sometimes, life forces us to contemplate why certain things and experiences happen only to us. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with negativity and ask, “Why me?”. While sometimes it can be easier said than done, practising seeing the good in every situation can be extremely freeing and sets us up for emotionally calmer outcomes.

Being grateful for the small things and finding happiness is a key intention that we want to bring into our lives in order to find more fulfilment. When you begin to look for the good in everything, even when something not so good happens, you will find the sense in it. Filling your life with that kind of constant positivity is the antidote to negativity we all need.

Tip: find a moment to write something you are grateful for in the morning and at the end of our day.

2. Stop resisting change to heal

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The world is changing every day and it’s something we all must come to accept. Some people cope with change well, but others find it harder to adapt and accept this change. Here’s the thing, resisting change is like resisting to actually breathe.

Just look at your own picture from 5 years ago, to a recent picture. See how much your face, your hair, your body has changed. And that is just the external. Emotionally too, you have grown and changed so much. Just as you have changed without even realising it, the same way the world around you changes. People, places and life itself changes.

Change is a huge part of our lives, and we’d be bored if we didn’t go through at least some changes in our lives. Change brings a whole new set of learning or experiences to us, and as we adapt and embrace these changes we’re less likely to feel bitter and more likely to feel empowered.

When you resist change you live in a negative state of complaining and being bitter, which is hurting you mentally and emotionally. But when you accept it, you adapt to it and move forward. So much for freeing and healing to accept change and use it for your healing.

3. Let go of dwelling on the past and worrying about the future to heal

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While change is an inevitable factor of life as we discussed in #2, we can’t change what has happened in the past nor do we know what the future holds. What we can change is how we look at it. Basically altering our perspective towards it. Set small intentions and work towards them.

When we break down our big intentional goal (or what we want for our future) into smaller goals that are more achievable, we feel more in control and are motivated to keep going. When we are achieving things, even small things that you might think aren’t important like drinking enough water in the day or getting enough steps in the day, we are less inclined to dwell on the past because our present feels good and optimistic.

Staying stuck in the past is like pressing the brake on life, because if we live in a state of “what ifs” we can’t focus on “what is” and that is not us healing from our past wounds, its living in them. We all want to break that hurt cycle and heal. right?

In conclusion

When we feel good in the present moment, we’re giving ourselves the energy to chase after those goals and intentions you’ve set for yourself.

This year let’s decide once and for all that we will let go of negativity and focus on good vibes only so that we can really elevate our healing ❤

Some things to remind ourselves this year to both ourselves and to each other:

Be kind, be patient and be grateful. Think 2024 is my year.

2024 Growth Planner:

And, as promised my lovelies, here is your 2024 growth planner, which I designed myself for me and for you ❤ You can print it on A5 size papers and spiral bind OR you can use it on your ipad/tablets as a digital planner.

I’m a firm believer that if you want to get something done, you need to write it down. My word for 2024 is GROWTH so my planner is also growth themed, but growth is what we all want in the new year. So, this planner will work beautifully for you too.

🦋👉Download-> 2024-growth-planner-with-love-from-zeenat-1

I love to focus on my time in weekly and monthly overviews. This planner has a monthly spread for each month, and 4 weekly spreads for each week of every month. I have started sitting with my weekly spreads every Sunday, to plan my week ahead a decision I made to really get into the mode of Growth in 2024. With appointments, focuses of the week, habits I need to prioritize etc.

I hope you enjoy this FREE planner as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you, and may it bring the positive and healing energy you truly need for this 2024 ❤

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with love, Zeenat Merchant Syal, M.A, M.Sc
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