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Your Life Is Being Controlled By All The What-ifs

We all wish that there is a Book Of Life; The book which tells it all.

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As I sat beside my windowsill silently listening to the gentle howling of the eerie night, my heart pounded at every silent movement of the shadows in the alluring darkness which seemed to draw me in and envelope my whole mind and soul. Curiosity is never an easy feat to deal with. Adrenaline raced its way through my whole body, setting off lit sparks and goosebumps on my arms as the darkness of the silent night gifted plenties of unforeseen surprises to which only nature has answers.

The warm cup of Earl Grey tea warmed my hands as I gently blew onto the surface of the tea, in a known unfruitful attempt to cool it down. I reached for the small jar of chilled milk and in it went into the Earl Grey, emitting an aroma that always attempted to calm my unsettled soul down. Its attempt was as victorious as always. The solitary, serene night was a veil to all facades and dramas in life. As my soul danced to the tune of the silent night, my mind wandered off into a dimension of what-ifs.

Have you ever wondered about things you might not or might have done? What if on that fateful night, you have answered a call from someone whom you held dearly to your heart? What if during a quarrel, you hadn’t said a lot of hurtful words to hurt the feelings of your loved one?

What if you had frequently spent time with your parents over the large period before they became aged and eventually came to be part of nature? What if you have not focused on providing for your family, grinding your lifetime focusing on work to feed the family, and missed out on creating beautiful childhoods for the little ones? What if you had answered that fateful midnight call from a friend whose depression state went unnoticed by you because you were busy being self-absorbed in your own life? Inevitably, what was done, was done.

These past what-ifs control your mind and have the means to instill a humongous sense of guilt in your vulnerable self. Life, as unpredictable as it is, cannot avoid being affected by the past what-ifs, and neither could we avoid being influenced by the future what-ifs which direct us to make certain decisions. If you are one of those being tormented by the past what-ifs or you are among those who are fearful of the unknown what-ifs and hesitate to take a step forward, the only way is to let it go. Be more accepting towards failure and know that it is totally fine if things do not go as you have expected. A new course of life might emerge which made your life dreadful, or you have encountered a huge boulder in life that you find too difficult to eliminate, but do not let that stop you from living the life you want.

No matter what life throws at you, every setback, every hurdle, do your best to face them bravely and proudly. Praise yourself if you have overcome them, even the smallest insignificant setbacks. Treat yourself to an exceptional cake that delights you and makes you brim with joy. Treat yourself to a little getaway where you engulf yourself in the freedom never felt before. If you could not get past your flaws and faults, you will never find your true self. Look beyond mistakes and expectations. Look at yourself. Your reflection in the mirror. Your existence is beautifully crafted and unique to the whole world. Do not let the lives of others influence your life. You are the author of your life. You have the right to write your own story and keep unrelated characters out of the storyline. Take your right back! Claim the ownership of your life!

Today is a brand new day. The past might linger in your mind and the future might put weights on your feet, but do not let them hinder your life story. Those bothersome things do not have the right to do that to you. Don’t let them overtake you! Stand up for yourself. Look into the mirror, wash your face and groom yourself. Take a deep breath and breathe. Once you step out of the bathroom, you are a renewed person, ready to write your life story and encounters of the day. You can do it!

When age creeps up on you and life slips away, your life story will always remind you of the meaningful youth you once had. Make that moment come true where the day finally arrives and you can smile gladly when you breathe your very last breath on Earth.

Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash



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