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Your Link to Your Baby Goes Beyond Nutrition

Your hormones are impacting your baby’s healthy development!

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Dear future mothers, I respect your bravery and your will to bear with the pain of carrying your baby to term.

I have no single doubt about all your noble intentions to give birth to the healthiest human being on the planet, to make sacrifices, and to do all that it takes to raise the happiest child.

I know it, I see your efforts, I admire your commitment and can only applaud it! Nonetheless, I need to confess some important scientific discoveries about your link to your baby during the pregnancy.

I know you might think it’s only about nurturing which is completely legitimate, given that’s what your environment told you. Truth is: it goes beyond nutrition, and I thought you better become aware of it before even planning to have a baby. Your fetus is not only receiving food in your blood but also your hormones.

When you are living in anxiety, stress, and fear, your “Fight or Flight” adrenal glands produce a hormone going by the name of Cortisol.

Its original role is to keep you alive — escape from a real danger like a lion or a criminal attacking you, for instance — by causing the blood to go to the arms and legs preferentially.

What does this mean when it comes to your ability to grow and maintain yourself? Well, it means it goes down.

And, when you’re pregnant and that you’re continuously stressed out and frustrated, you’re not only shutting down your growth, but you’re also giving your stress hormone to your baby, leading to making him/her so scared of the exterior world before being outside.

I know this might be an unpleasant truth, and I’m begging your pardon. All that I wish is to help! So before even thinking about conceiving a baby, could you please consider the following:

  • Making sure you have an emotionally healthy and self-resilient partner who is not pushing your buttons daily.
  • Analyzing your work environment and concluding whether it is hostile.
  • Checking if you have toxic relationships among your close circle, and getting rid of some people when they are not open and ready to grow.
  • Unbecoming the filter through re-writing your subconscious program. — P.S. We ALL need to go through it. We were all raised not to love ourselves. The grownups discriminated against our intrinsic worth. We all built multiple kinds of shields against our profound shame of never feeling good enough.

Now that I made this confession, I want to ask you for a favor: don’t blame yourself, please! It doesn’t make much sense to blame yourself for something you ignore.

The moment you become fully conscious is the moment you can start judging your future behavior.
Let’s make this discovery an opportunity to empower yourself and review your distorted lens. It’s never too late!



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Myriam Ben Salem🦋

Myriam Ben Salem🦋


A fur Momma, animal lover & advocate, lifelong learner, storyteller, edutainer, and published author. I write personal stories and essays.