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Your Operating System Needs To Be Re-installed!

The greatest destroyer of balance is fear — very often of the unknown

Your Operating System — Claudio Schwarz Purzlbaum, Unsplash

Despite re-forming your intentions, mental reprogramming, shadow work, talk therapy, meditation, releasing, and most forms of energy work, still feel your operating system needs re-setting?

This certainly has been the experience of many I have spoken to over these first few months of this period of transformation.

They feel the depths of their nature have been excavated, and yet the deep roots of their challenges still remain. Applying practices, they have learnt or therapy they have come to know, sometimes brings relief. However, similar events trigger them again and again.

Why Events Happen

Nothing seems to have changed — why?

We are still the person we have always been and always known.

It is more a validation of our essential nature. Any change we sought comes back more this is “just who I am”.

The question is to identify how to cut the connection, resolve the karma, or finish the lesson in this life. All feel these issues have been carried long enough.

Before incarnation, we prepare our life with a focus on lessons to learn, objectives, and relationships from other lives. We agree to work on them in this life, meaning they are not afterthoughts or hidden triggers that self-sabotage.

They appear constantly so they are impossible to miss. Repeating as often as necessary for us to recognise the pattern and address it.

External events and other triggers come directly from our living life. They come not from the actions or inactions of others. Rather we have created them in order we can recognise the pattern and so address it.

This is how our soul can evolve. Until then it is constrained. Which in turn creates internal conflict.

This is usually exhibited by the pain and discomfort experienced by our body.

It was learning to listen to such messages which led me to shift my beliefs about who I am.

To move beyond viewing my mind as my director. My emotions as interfering, my body as a mechanism that breaks down at most inconvenient moments. And, my soul as a quiet voice in the background I could tune into or not.

When we live with these beliefs, then this is what we manifest as our experience of ourselves.

Your Operating System

One of the ways I helped change my view of myself was through establishing a daily practice. One which includes yoga to help me appreciate my emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies are all one.

When in alignment life flows with fun and joy. When not…

…the body sends us messages there is misalignment. My story “Your Body Wants To Be Free — Are You Listening?“ sets out seven signs of pain and discomfort your body wants you to change.

The reason these root issues and triggers are so resistant to our efforts to heal is we are using consciousness methods to make conscious the foundations on which our very being resides.

However, seeking to delete them will not create a permanent change. This is because they are already interconnected with our operating system. Uninstalling them means we need to connect through our body rather than our mind.

Usually, our memories are held in the tissues which are most relevant to each experience and its multiple layers of meaning.

Those which create our core self are held in the limbic and autonomic nervous systems. This runs from the brain stem and cerebral spinal fluid connected via the spinal cord all the way down to the sacrum.

This is where our fear and fight or flight responses originate. Influencing our chakras and what our being flows through when we are manifesting ourselves or our visions and lessons into all of Creation.

This system is designed as our protection. Which by definition includes itself from intrusion and interference. It constantly processes energy and anything which is seen as not useful or disruptive is diverted away.

What Are You Afraid Of?

Hence why healing or change will often be stubbornly ignored — it is simply a function of being physical. In order to uninstall any such triggers it is necessary to work with the system rather than trying to force its change.

The body, the limbic system in particular, works with visuals, emotions, and states of being. Look out for such signs or listen to your quiet inner voice.

Through one of those never-ending fascinations, as I write this story Venus creates an opposition to Pluto. Its purpose to help us purify and purge old paradigms through beauty, joy, and love.

This happened only hours before the full moon in Pisces on 2nd September and then Mars, the planet of the Divine Masculine, stations retrograde on 9th September. We are being called to look at any imbalance of energy in our life.

The greatest destroyer of balance is fear. Very often of the unknown.

Which is where this full moon is seeking to send us — to try something new within what we are feeling bored about.

This though is not about deliberate creation using dream boards, vision statements, affirmations and visualisations. Their focus is the end result.

The old model indicated focus on your desired outcome to create it. Yet many do so and it fails to manifest.

At the core of the restructuring and transformation underway is to move our awareness from fear of “not enough, unworthy, lack of resources etc..”

To instead embodying connection to Source. Doing so will re-install your operating system.

Close your eyes and listen to your intuition, listen and appreciate lucid dreaming. When you take quiet moments in Nature you will appreciate its beauty.

Crossing The Bridge Of Life

Then you become part of the evolutionary process that is creating the New Earth, the new humanity. This is an interconnected world where each action we take influences what is unfolding.

Remember courage is not defined as a lack of fear. Rather it means doing what feels optimal for you. The analogy I have been using is to cross a bridge.

Only you can choose to feel yourself leaving behind all aspects of your life. Taking the second step away from the old being toward the new one you desire is the most difficult. As you walk towards your fear of what is unknown you will actually evolve and grow faster.

Friedrich Nietzsche summed up the choice each of us faces as:

“Nobody can build the bridge for you to walk across the river of life, no one but you yourself alone. There are, to be sure, countless paths and bridges and demi-gods, which carry you across this river; but only at the cost of yourself; you would pawn yourself and lose. There is in the world only one way, on which nobody can go, except you: where does it lead?”

To Your New Operating System



Gregory Reece-Smith, aka the Shamanic CEO, is an author, master coach, speaker and shaman. He has worked in corporate and led technology companies worldwide; coaching fledgling organisations to those the size of the international operations of IKEA. He helps conscious entrepreneurs and executives integrate Insights and Inner Guidance with proven practical strategies, freeing them to accelerate their business and their life.

Download a copy of his latest book — the “7 Mystical Ways To Accelerate Your Business And Your Life” to begin accelerating your life.

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Gregory Reece-Smith

Author. Creator, the Shamanic CEO. My calling is to guide all to live a life of fun and joy as we move through this period of transition.