Your Personality Traits Tell How Rich You Could Be in Your Life

Money you make and your personality have a deep connections.

Mani Pathak


In the last couple of years, I have met different kinds of people, especially when you are a creator or freelancer; it’s very diverse.

Some of them have great analytical ability, humor, or hunger for knowledge, while others have a great appetite, fear, lust, and low risk-bearing capacity.

It was common to see several traits in a person together, but what made the big difference was the dominant trait among all others that made the difference.

Your Personality Traits Tell How Rich You Could Be in Your Life
Photo by Sander Sammy on Unsplash. Your Personality Traits Tell How Rich You Could Be in Your Life.

Your financial future is greatly linked to how you think, behave, and take action, and that’s what I realized when I looked deep down into my career and traits.

I’m sure you will be able to relate, and it will greatly help you if you are still not self-aware to set the right parameters to give you better understanding.

From childhood, I was a very introverted person, and being born into a lower-middle-class family, I had to go through many kinds of financial hardships; it even shook my soul today.

I can still remember the day I was in 10th grade back in 2009.

Before final board exams, I was asked to make a presentation of math formulas on cardboard, which merely cost $2 but I couldn’t afford easily; I had to sell some stuff from my household.

My mother was my great strength when my father was in top cities earning some money for the family.

In Indian households at that time, $2 was not considered a significant amount, even considering today’s exchange rates, but not all people are the same.

My first English dictionary, which I purchased back in 2008, was obtained by borrowing $1.5 (as per today’s value) from a neighbor. However, as time passes, your values and personality traits shape you.

This is not a sad story. In 2017, I graduated and then pursued a master’s degree in finance and marketing in 2019.

There is a huge story in between, which I will cover in upcoming posts if you follow…

Fortunately, last year my brother and I made an investment of nearly $100,000 in real estate. That’s just the beginning.

From having less than $2 in my account to investing over $100,000 in a country where expenses are low but nearly 56% Salaried people make less than $3,000 per year.

At 11:00 PM tonight, I’m writing this, indicating my strong interest in sharing something meaningful that can help shape your future, even though it’s not generating any money from

All these failures and successes sometimes made me feel depressed, while at other times, I was the most energetic person, willing to shake the world with vision and passion.

It’s the personality that we build over time that makes us stand in a queue where only intellectual and disciplined people reach in their lives.

Let me ask a few questions.

  • How many times before turning 31 have you gone to a pub?
  • What expensive gaming devices or smartphones do you own?
  • How much time do you spend daily on reading?
  • What does your day-to-day life look like?
  • How quickly do you react in a situation?
  • Do you have the courage to quit bad things you know you do?
  • Do you have any financial goals?
  • How you like to spend your money?

These are many questions that I have asked myself.

Yes, even rich people rely on this on a daily or weekly basis. That’s called self-evaluation, and if you are not able to do it, you can consult a career counselor.

Till today, I have never drank, gone to pubs two or three times in the last 10 years, and still haven’t drunk alcohol. I’ve never had a serious relationship, though I eagerly wanted to.

Remember, it’s always better to be rich in character and values than to simply appear wealthy. Living to satisfy others’ ideas of richness will ultimately keep you poor in spirit and fulfillment.

Warren Buffett, regarded as one of the greatest investors of all time, continues to reside in the same house that he purchased in 1958 for a reason.

Despite owning over $130 billion in assets today, he chooses to live in his old house.

Great people leave behind great legacies and lessons.

In general, I write about ways to make money online, passive income, digital marketing, web development, and so on.

However, when it comes to my own life lessons, I become emotional.

I wouldn’t like to see people in the same situation where I once was.

The top 5 personality traits that can contribute to becoming wealthy:

I’m not going to share any bookish knowledge but the real story that you can count on and begin in 2024 to see the great future ahead.

#1. Aquire Knowledge

Great Indian rocket scientist Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam once said, “Acquire knowledge as that is the very first necessity to excel, examine, and outperform.”

His words were slightly different, but the idea was the same. I realized this only when I built a habit of learning on a daily basis.

Not necessarily reading a book or preparing for an exam, but gaining real knowledge from Medium, blog posts, YouTube, and wherever possible.

Do this simple task: I wasn’t clear on this until I turned 28 in 2021, but today, it’s here for you.

Write 10 to 30 interests of yours on a page. Maybe 5 a day until the weekend, do some research, and once the list is ready, choose the 5 most valuable to pursue.

Try them for a few days, and you’ll easily find the best one that you’ll love to pursue in the long run.

Discovering your passion and investing in building unparalleled knowledge and skill sets can indeed pave the way for wealth and success.

#2. Risk Appetite (Try New Things)

I graduated in the field of mechanical engineering, and after working for 2 years, I realized it’s not what I’m passionate about mostly.

I switched to web development, freelancing, digital marketing, and allied services. That wasn’t easy to switch careers.

Even Elon Musk was almost at the edge of losing everything when his first two reusable rocket launches failed, but he didn’t give up.

I’ve never been able to take blind risks, but I don’t let opportunities go for small risks.

I see some people are hesitant to lose 10% of their monthly earnings to try a new business, whereas there have been months when I have lost the entire month and years of earnings.

Taking risks makes you strong, given you abandon experiences and knowledge that you can gain from outside.

A good advice is to put at least 10% of your earnings to work on your passion that can help you build great wealth in the long run.

Hark Work
Photo by Johnson Wang on Unsplash. Hark Work

#3. Hark Work (Passion)

Your passion should act like a drug that encourages you to wake up at night for work, work for 12 to 14 hours a day, and remain resilient.

If that’s not the case, maybe you’re not that driven toward your goals, and that’s the reason you will end up only taking a slice of the cake.

Do you go to your job daily?

Willingly or unwillingly, you have to work for the desired hours in your job, but when it comes to your own dream and passion, you may count how many different perceptions or fake hurdles you can create for yourself.

When I moved from Delhi to Hyderabad (Lately), I had no time for writing due to client meetings, marketing, and development work, but still, I’m writing late at night because this is what makes me feel happy and stay connected in my community.

#4. Honesty

Honesty in business keeps you high, and in personal life, it makes you loved. It’s a two-sided sword; some may choose to lie over being honest, but my experience has been very different.

When I do business, I clearly mention what can be done and what cannot, or even when I incur losses in stocks.

Even today, I don’t hide from my family, and it gives me a sense of responsibility.

This trust and clarity in communication always keep my freelancer clients working with me for years, keep my family stress-free, and keep myself light.

You may think this is not a good trait for making money, but remember, you and I are different, and my belief is just like that.

When you have confidence in yourself, trust in your community, and loyalty to clients, you will see great recurring returns in all matters that are hard to find.

Apple smartphones sell for higher prices because they have built trust over time.

I know the product should be good, but trust should be even greater, and that’s what creates real wealth, whether it’s in your love life or professional life.

#5. Better Marketing

This is one of the wisest pieces of advice I can give, and if this trait is ingrained in your personality, there is no way that someone can stop you from becoming rich.

From desk worker to becoming CEO, a culturally rich or socially appreciated person, it all starts with better marketing.

The saying “Straight trees are cut off first” suggests that individuals who stand out or exhibit exceptional qualities may become targets for criticism or adversity.

It’s not always about selling anything online or offline, but about standing up for yourself and making people realize why you are valuable and worthy of acceptance and appreciation.

Better marketing also means your ability to influence, represent, and analyze to excel, be it psychological intelligence or selling acumen.

Marketing is a vast area, but I have given you an overview.

The Bottom Line

I have shared some of the best renowned personality traits that I find within myself and other top entrepreneurs, hoping it will work out for everyone.

There are countless ways and places where you can evaluate yourself.

What you are today and what you will become tomorrow has a great correlation with your personality traits.

Thinking ‘My friend is very rich and I’m very poor’ or ‘This man is making a hell lot of money’ can’t change your situation; it’s you who has the ability to learn, evaluate yourself, and build wealth.

I’m not a motivational speaker, and this is not a post for making money, but to help each other learn from our own experiences, and that’s how society evolves to embrace mankind.

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