10 Reasons To Go Camping In The Backwoods

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An article recently appeared in the Adirondack Almanack newsletter extolling the virtues of camping. In 10 Reasons Why I Camp, Melissa Hart recounts the joys of car camping. All are great and valid reasons to spend time at a Northwoods campground.

But there are some differences between Melissa’s recent experience and going a little deeper into the woods. Here is a list, in no particular order, of reasons to leave a few more comforts behind, and go backwoods camping.

  • It’s just us and the loons. And hopefully not the bears. Days can go by without seeing other human souls.
  • Solving the problems of the world while sitting around the campfire.
  • “Preventing” rain by being prepared for it. Or figuring out how to enjoy a wet gray day.
  • Long hikes and paddles without return deadlines.
  • Bone tired deep sleep.
  • “Making do” with what you brought and what the forest provides.
  • Your money is no good here. And being in the woods makes you rich.
  • No cell service, no meetings (zoom or otherwise), no schedules.
  • No Spam, unless you brought a can for dinner.
Photo by Chowdahead while author slept.
  • Morning mist rising off the lake.
  • Finding and exploring old abandoned logging roads.
  • Open air commodes with a view.
  • Every camping trip is an adventure.
  • Hearing old stories for the tenth time and laughing like they’re brand new.
  • Calling back to the loons.
  • No dietary restrictions.
  • No shaving.
  • Bathing is optional, and if you do, you can skinny dip.
  • The night sky — Lying on a rocky outcropping into a remote mountain lake and looking up into the blackness to behold shooting stars, satellites, the Milky Way, and the stars, the stars, the stars…
  • The glorious hot shower upon your return to “civilization.”
Photo of loonacy by Author

(With help from Chowdahead and Cut Boy. And you are correct. I can’t count.)



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