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1st March I can’t forget you

Right now I’m feeling very upset. March 1st has a lot of grief in it. My maternal uncle died on that date. I had exams at that time. We never thought that one day he would leave. But he did. That is something that always pushes me back in 2014.

Very scary night it was when someone knocked on the door and said I have bad news for you. We all were very astonished. Especially my mother who was the sister. From that day, I don’t know how she survived herself, just for her kids. Being a single parent, she wasn’t able to bear the loss of her brother at any cost. But she bore it and I think she had to bear this. Because it all was decided by God and we can’t deny this.

I’m writing this to remember good things about him. He was the one who supported us when everyone denied us. He was the one who raised us when everyone degraded us.

People like him are very rare. I mean very real and rare at the same time. I hadn’t said to him that I love him the most but I’m now saying to you “ I love you.” May you find eternal peace and happiness.

In the loving memory of Raizhussain

Yours Sidra



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Sidra Abbas

Sidra Abbas

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