A New Writing Challenge For Your Writer’s Block!

Get yourself, onboard fellas!

A woman pointing to her laptop work. Pic credits- isorepublic.com

A side hustle is the new normal in today’s work life.

Anyone who has any skill whether he/she is a 5th grader, a high scholar, a college graduate, or even the elders in the age of their retirement everybody is making the full use of their skills by earning online.

Since when the pandemic hit, it seems like everyone got enough free time to finally stop from their fast-running daily lives. Although the world was under a major health crisis, the people at home under lockdown got enough time to reflect upon their lives and work.

Many people made the best use of their time by learning new skills, joining different courses, putting their best work out online, becoming bloggers, writers, influencers, dancers, singers and so more!

Likewise, I got writing as my side hustle in the pandemic. I am barely consistent and mostly on and off and on again on this platform. And now after a month, I am ON again. There were so many reasons why I was off for almost a month. I was on writer’s block. I didn’t feel like my ideas or writing are worth sharing as I read other writers’ s work.

Then I read about even the great and famous writers also face this problem. So, it's okay. I am back.

The most important thing about writing I have learned is that If we want to be better writers, we gotta be honest with our writing.

Every little idea we have is worth sharing.

We are no one to judge our ideas and writing. That’s up to the audience.

So, maybe I am not a great writer yet, but I am gonna be by improving myself daily. And here, I am writing this article after reading Dr. Mehmet Yildiz’s article about the 100 Day Writing Challenge for new writers.

That’s pretty awesome for writers struggling to write every day. With this challenge, you are gonna write in any of ILLUMINATION’s integrated publications or any other publication daily. Basically, with this challenge, you get a sense of responsibility and the urge to write daily.

This challenge is gonna help with getting more followers, more reading time, more writing practice and obviously the most important thing is it is gonna build consistency in writers.

I am joining this challenge here and this is the #2nd article that I am submitting to this challenge. The 1st one was yesterday. Good luck to me and the writers who are joining me.



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