A Small Amount Of Loonacy

Adirondack wandering and home improvement

The place to be at any time of year. Good fortune and photo by Author.
Loons in residence. The Woodbutcher had yet to arrive. Photo by Author.

It is surprising what a small cadre of focused Loons can do, even without the presence of spring chickens.

But first, a hike!

Puddles don’t faze him, because Dock Doc has good boots. Photo by author.

Though there were patches of mud and water on the trail, the forest was quite dry for early spring.

No trail through the big swamp, so we bushwhacked. Photo by Author.

Homefries, Cut Boy, and Gimp 1 (your author) went off trail near this point, higher up and out of the swamp. Chowdahead and Dock Doc headed home. The plan was to try to find the remains of a trapper’s cabin referenced in a reminisce by one of the locals.

Had this thrush not moved, the author would never have seen it or captured this picture.
Hard to tell from this photo by Author, but Homefries and Cut Boy are on the remains of a foundation.

From the right angle made by the mounds, we could tell we had found some remnant of human activity. But it seemed more barn-sized than cabin-sized.

Two days prior to May, the mossy north side of a rock ledge was still clinging to winter. Photo by Author.
Is it any wonder the author is not regarded as level headed? Photo by Cut Boy.

The crew returned from the woods and contemplated the jobs for the next day. Part of the contemplation was leveling the previously constructed bridge over untroubled water. Satisfied with the approximation to level, all retreated to the house for further contemplation.

Photo of contemplation in full swing by Author.

The next day, multiple flurries of activity, not precipitation, completed numerous tasks. A photographic record is presented for your enjoyment.

The author photographed Woodbutcher and Dock Doc after they completed the railing, which is also level.
Dryers that are up must come down. Measurements were taken for a pedestal, shelf, and cabinets. Photo by Author.

When the dryer was atop the washer, the additional floor space was too cramped to be very useful. Hence gravity was used to put them side by side.

Multipurpose room photo by Author.

Once upon a time, the second floor of the garage was envisioned as a guest house. But no more! What was to be a bathroom has multiplied its purpose into a storage room. Would you like an uninstalled shower stall? Don’t stall…reply right away!

Stall removed, Cut Boy installs the flooring, assisted by Chowdahead, who is quite the cut-up. Photo by Author.
Finished floor and photo by Cut Boy.
As the author took this photo, he wondered what Dock Doc was cutting as Homefries looks on.
Woodbutcher installs the stair risers cut by Dock Doc. Homefries supervises.
Chowdahead gestures above the wonderfully installed new risers. Photo by Author.

Activities complete, Chowdahead provided another fine meal.

His grillin’ was thrillin’ for those willin’. And they all were. Photo by Author.

No one went hungry.

Later that same evening at the celebratory campfire*. Photo by Cut Boy.

Several of the perpetrators had to leave early the next day for various responsibilities. Regardless, one more job was completed. Numerous boards on the dock were replaced so that safety would adhere to OSHA standards.

Inspired photo by Author the following day almost hides the creative angles of the dock.

After replacing boards at the direction of Dock Doc, of course, Gimp 1 returned with him to the foundation site. Definitely too big for a cabin. Perhaps we’ll look again another day.

It was decided to continue on to a small pond less than half a mile away. Armed with GPS, compass, and maps, the intrepid trekkers marched through a swamp more than once and into a mass of blowdowns. The massive trees must have been felled by a microburst or tornado, since the hiking was nearly impossible. It was some of the worst hiking conditions either of them had ever encountered. You know it’s bad when heading back into the swamp is the preferred option.

Dodging fallen trees, they ended up going round in circles, even with all the modern directional conveniences. Eventually they abandoned the idea of going to the pond and headed back. In particular, when they discovered a communication error caused each of them to head for a different body of water, they realized continuing was futile.

“We’re going where? We’ve been hiking for half an hour and are no closer!” Photo by bewildered Author.

But they survived, and lived to hike another day.

Chowdahead, back at the camp, also lived, nicely rested by his nap.

*New York’s annual statewide brush burning ban is in effect through May 14. Since 2009, DEC has enforced the ban to prevent wildfires and protect communities during heightened conditions for wildfires each spring. Backyard fire pits and campfires less than three feet in height and four feet in length, width, or diameter are allowed.



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Randy Fredlund

I Write. Hopefully, you smile. Or maybe think a new thought. Experiences and observations are presented in words and images.