Allow Your Child to Follow Their Passions

Doctors and engineers are in high demand in Asin society. Every parent wishes to push their children in this direction.

Afzal Badshah, PhD
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“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” — Margaret Mead

Apart from mathematics and biology, there are many other subjects to teach and study. Doctors and engineers are common professions, but there is a world of other big and powerful positions. There is a certain idea among our parents, children, and society that they will either become a doctor or an engineer. There is no other destination in front of them. If you go to any school, you will see only two groups. Thankfully, this spell is starting to break now and parents and children are turning to different kinds of skills.

I have seen many children lost because of their parents’ stubbornness. The child did not like any particular subject or profession, but their parents were forcing them to take it. There is a famous saying…

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend the rest of its life believing that it is stupid”.- Albert Einstein

As a parent, you should recognize your child’s potential and take a good look at the area in which they can succeed. Plan well and start helping your child. The best profession is to learn some good skills that are needed by the world; the world pays a lot to those with such skills. A few days ago, I was reading about an expert trainer charging PKR 2.8 million for a one-day session. Can our doctors and engineers earn that amount? Surely not.

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Let us assume for a moment that we do not have enough capital to run our own business or company, but there are positions and skills that can give us a good life. Our slavish thinking is that we want to be employees, work under someone, and not want a good life, recognition, or to be the star of the nation.

The following activity may give spark to rethink the situation. You have to be careful about your relationship with your child.

In which field are you taking your child and why?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What field does your child want to go into and why?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How are you handling it if you and the child have different priorities?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Afzal Badshah, PhD

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