Are You A Procrastinator? It Might Not Be Your Fault!

It’s all about science.

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Benjamin Franklin said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can achieve today.”

He said such words more than three centuries ago, which are mostly forgotten now.

That’s correct.

I’m referring to one of the most severe illnesses that affect every rider and keep them from doing their greatest work.


But why do we put things off?

Due to science!

That’s why — it’s true; Despite what you believe, you are not merely very lazy. Although you can be tardy, this is rarely the case when someone procrastinates.

You procrastinate studying for tests because of science. It boils down to a battle within your body between your limbic system and prefrontal cortex.

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The limbic system is one of the most dominant parts of the brain; it is the part of the brain responsible for automatic responses and immediate mood repair.

So if you are doing something you want to avoid, like doing your taxes or yard work, being chased by an ostrich, or sitting down to write a novel, chooses an activity that will make you happy instead.

On the other side of the coin, we have the prefrontal cortex, which is still a relatively new brain area. In the big scheme of things, the prefrontal cortex is in charge of all decision-making, but it’s not an automatic response system; you have to decide to sit down and write, for example, and as soon as you aren’t focused on any one task, it switches off.

The limbic system takes over, and you start putting things off and engaging in activities that make you feel better, such as Netflix, chocolate, or whatever makes you happy.

So you can see that science is the issue and not you.

So exercising the prefrontal cortex is the key to avoiding procrastination.

What do you think? Why procrastination hits you? I’d love to see you comments 🙂



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