Balance with Mind Power

Finding Balance — Series Part III of IV

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The vigor of intense burning in task completion and the total relaxation of having personal space works best in short bursts, prolonged lingering may inflict lasting trauma on one’s mental and physical health. Other than being in the modes of high-thinking, high-doing, and think-of-nothing and do-nothing, just thinking itself is one of the options in the balance box where one can switch to for a change, and for maintaining a healthy life balance.

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This is our reflection mode, meditation state, where we engage our minds to ponder, imagine, brainstorm, to wonder in the mind palace. It is no surprise that many successful leaders in the world incorporate meditation into their daily routines and that the little time they carve out for themselves can do wonders in powering them through the day, in whatever challenges they may confront. Leaders meditate, believers pray, in the form factor most suitable for their lifestyle and circumstances, the important thing is recognizing the option of intellectual (even spiritual) engagement through the mind.

As an extension, such cerebral exercise doesn’t have to be a solo pursuit. Talking with a colleague, a friend or a therapist is just as illuminating and beneficial, and so is journaling, book writing, or blogging. These activities stimulate the mind, prep our thoughts, and keep that brain gears oiled, to provide a balance factor for the “just do it” mode. Something we shall look at next.

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