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Productivity is a critical aspect of our lives, especially in this digital age where we are constantly juggling multiple tasks and projects. The key to effective productivity lies in efficient task management and organization. But with the plethora of apps available, each dedicated to a specific task, our digital workspace can often become cluttered and overwhelming. This is where all-in-one solutions like Brite come into play.

In the ever-evolving realm of personal productivity, I have been on a constant quest to find the perfect tool that can cater to all my needs. Out of the many apps I have tried and tested, Tana and Coda have become my reliable companions. However, a new contender recently caught my eye, offering an approach that was innovative and refreshingly different: Brite.

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Bringing Light to Your Productivity

Brite is a relatively new entrant in the productivity app market. It distinguishes itself from the crowd with a unique proposition: the integration of your to-do list, habits, documents, calendar, and notes into a single, user-friendly application. This consolidation of functions not only simplifies your digital workspace but also enhances your productivity by streamlining your tasks and projects.

Here’s my top reasons to consider Brite as in all-in-one productivity app:

A Dashboard view of Brite:

It is very rare to see, a simple, intuitive and yet super customizable in build dashboard. Brite offers just that with many options to fine-tune the same as per your needs and liking.

Just to share my personal example: My habits live inside Todoist, Key project in Coda & for calendar I use Cron. With Brite; you can customize the dashboard with your key priorities, and everything is just Infront of you all the time and makes sure you don’t miss anything important.

What sets Brite apart from its competitors is its commitment to empowering users to take action on their tasks, habits, and notes, rather than merely organizing them. This proactive approach is designed to facilitate effortless productivity, enabling you to focus on what truly matters: completing your tasks and achieving your goals.

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All-in-one approach: Task & Project Management

I have played around with more than 60+ apps, which offers standout features and make me believe that I can be really productive with it. However, majority of the apps has a stiff learning curve which requires your time, energy and efforts in getting on board with it. Brite does just the opposite.

Brite has absolutely no learning curve and you can immediately start getting used to it.

Just an example below; Brite offers task management for work and personal areas separately and you can also add goals, expanses, notes, event.

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Project management with Brite:

Brite makes project and goal management a breeze with its support for collaboration and Kanban views. This feature allows you to track the progress of your projects visually and intuitively, fostering a collaborative environment for team projects. Whether you’re working on a personal project or coordinating with a team, Brite has you covered.

With Brite, creating a project is as simple as creating a task and that is not a bad thing for sure. You can add project details like project type, description, tag and cover image, and good to go.

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I really appreciate the simple idea of options like list view, kanban view (my personal favorite), relevant documents of the project etc. This alone makes it a complete solution for your simple project management requirements.

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All-in-one approach: Calendar

One of the standout features of Brite is its built-in calendar. It offers support for Google, Outlook, and Apple, promoting seamless planning across platforms. You can set and view events and reminders on the go, ensuring you never miss an important date or deadline. With Brite’s calendar, you can stay on top of your schedule with ease.

I am a person who loves to work from the calendar and this simple commitment has changed my working style completely.

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A Week at a Glance — Essential for person like me

Brite and week scheduled view. It presents all your tasks, projects, events, and documents at a glance, giving you a bird’s eye view of your entire week. This comprehensive perspective can be invaluable in planning your time effectively and ensuring that no task gets overlooked.

I am still getting used to my weekly review process and Brite surely can help me in achieving that.

All-in-once approach: Notes

Notes are my first love and recently, I have encountered many of the apps that offers both planning and note-taking. While I really appreciate the solution but notes inside planner has really not helped me.

I would love to see the experience changes with Brite.

Brite features an intuitive editor for your documents and notes. The user-friendly interface encourages efficient notetaking and document creation, making it easier than ever to capture your thoughts and ideas. With Brite, you can quickly jot down notes during a meeting or draft a comprehensive document without any hassle.

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Brite has very familiar structure of block-based editing and it works very well with mobile device as well. As of now my experience is limited to few notes but surely, I am going to give it more time to explore it fully.

Promise of All-in-one app for all your needs:

Feature list of Brite does not end here. It offers a wide spectrum of standout features like:

Habit Tracking and Expense Monitoring

To further enhance its all-in-one functionality, Brite includes an in-built habit tracker and expense monitor. This feature not only lets you track your daily habits but also monitor your expenses, providing a holistic view of your personal productivity and financial management. Whether you’re trying to maintain a regular exercise routine or keep track of your monthly expenses, Brite has got you covered.

Mood Diary for Emotional Wellness

Finally, Brite features a mood diary, offering a space for you to record your emotional state. This can be a powerful tool in promoting mental wellness, providing insights into your emotional patterns over time and helping you manage your stress levels. With Brite’s mood diary, you can keep track of your emotional health alongside your tasks and projects.

Apart from the above, Brite features includes Daily notes, Focus mode with Pomodoro, widget for meditation, themes for personalization and so much more.

Brite offers a free plan, and you can play around till you are committed. Brite premium is available at $3.29/month billed annually or $4.5 billed monthly.

Brite has covered all your needs with its cross-platform availability, Brite Works on Web, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

Here’s a link for you to explore Brite Daily Planner:

Brite Daily Planner App | To do list, calendar & habits in one app (

A Bright Future Ahead

In conclusion, Brite is a promising player in the productivity app market. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance your productivity and simplify your digital workspace.

Its integration of various productivity features into a single application, commitment to task and goal action, week scheduled view, collaborative project management, intuitive editor, built-in calendar, habit tracker, expense monitor, and mood diary make it a comprehensive solution for personal productivity.

Whether you’re a student juggling multiple assignments, a professional managing various projects, or simply someone looking to organize your life better, Brite is definitely worth a try. It is a shining example of how productivity apps should be: user-friendly, comprehensive, and, above all, effective.

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