Can You Empty Yourself?

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Imagine we have two jars, one with water and the other with orange juice

Both are totally filled, but we want to pour the orange juice into the jar with water, we try, and it spills as we don’t have enough space in the jar.

The only way to pour the content of the jar with orange juice into the jar with water is to first let go of the water, let it out then it can be filled with the orange juice we want to put into it.

You see this is a simple analogy of how the majority of us both “awakened” and “unawakened” go through life

We desire great good in our life, we are deserving of it, and the universe wants to fill us with the great good we deserve and desire, but we hold on to the things we don’t desire or deserve

Be it in business, jobs, relationships, or health, we hold on to the circumstances we don’t want, and we do this for “good” reasons such as:

— We would rather play safe

— We have built an identity based on the water in our jar

Someone in an abusive relationship can leave, but then she has been through so much abuse in her life to the point she has normalized it, she has built an identity around it

A man who hates his job could leave to chase the refreshing and pleasurable service he imagines in his mind, but he wants to wait for more money because he can’t “gamble” the security his job provides, so he keeps waiting, and he never lives the life he wants to

The above are just two examples but if we closely inspect our lives we’ll see that we are holding on to what we don’t want because we don’t trust that the universe is ready to fill us as quickly as possible

To get what we desire she asks that we let go, this is surrender, she wants us to trust that if we let go we’ll develop wings on our way down, she wants us to empty ourselves to be filled with the good we desire and deserve

Sometimes we start to empty ourselves, but we are stopped by fear and doubt, she fills us to the degree we have let out, but you know orange juice mixed with water won’t be as sweet as the “real thing”.

It’s not easy to trust she will fill us quickly, it is difficult to practice “faith”, but she says empty yourself.

I will continuously try to empty myself as I can’t settle for half water and half orange juice when I can get the “real thing”

The question is, will you?

She says empty yourself, will you trust her?



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