Carnivore Diet — Eat More Animals

Eat Meat — Save the World

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Government-funded organizations such as the USDA and all traditional publications will lead you to believe that red meat is poison. That eating it is equivalent to smoking a pack of chloroform-laced cigarettes. But here is the plot twist I offer. Red Meat is in fact, the healthiest food you can eat! Period!

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Red Meat IS, and always has been the most nutrient-dense food that is superior to any other food you could find so far in terms of nutrition. Nutrition is a supply of fuel for mitochondria. When you don’t get enough protein, vitamins, and nutrients, your body slowly grinds to a halt — Nutrition Deficiency in other words.

Bro Jogan (Joe Rogan) encounter with Dr Jordan Peterson

If you’re one of the 13+ million people who follow Joe Rogan on Instagram, you’re probably aware of his unusual diet. There have been others before Joe Rogan who have experimented with the Optimal diet, including psychologist Jordan Peterson, who stated that eating solely meat had a positive effect on his mental health and energy levels. Rogan was fascinated about the diet after hearing that it has helped other individuals with their autoimmune illness known as vitiligo, he said on an episode of his podcast “Joe Rogan Experience.”

Joe’s Results from the Carnivore Diet were as follows,

Week #1 — “I’m getting my bloodwork done on Monday and then again when I’m done with the diet but I’ve been on it now for about 5 days and I’m already looking leaner. My energy level has been excellent too. Kind of shockingly good.”

“I’m making sure this isn’t a temporary placebo effect but at least for now I’m definitely experiencing some benefits.”

Week #2 — This is the only time in my life I’ve ever tried eliminating carbs for more than a day or so, and since I started the diet a couple of days before January I’m now about 13 days in, at least 7 pounds lighter, and in completely uncharted territory for me. Which makes me think this is probably completely uncharted territory for 99% of the people on earth.”

Final Week — “I did the carnivore diet for all of January,. I lost 12 pounds and gained a ton of energy. My energy levels were completely flat the whole month. No ups and downs from crashing after eating. I had a belly. I lost all my fat. I lost my love handles. I don’t know if I’m going to keep eating like this but it was tremendously beneficial.

I also have an autoimmune disorder. It improved. I had a bunch of white spots filled in. I went into this thing thinking the carnivore diet was whacky and I probably would think it’s nonsense but this is as good as I’ve felt in a long time. And it’s just one month.”

“If you stick to something and tell yourself you will try the carnivore diet for 30 days, you will lose weight and feel fucking amazing”

This is just one of the anecdotes, out of hundreds to thousands who followed it from casual to the letter. Just like my progress.

What about Cholesterol?

Why is Cholesterol demonized?

  1. Ancel Keys and his bogus Study based on ONLY 7 Countries.
  2. The Framingham Study
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Thus came the bogus Hypothesis of the Food Pyramid taught in our school textbooks at a young age and also to the Diet-Heart hypothesis. and apparently, Cholesterol was the Critical link for it. (Notice that it is ‘linked’, and not cause?)

For Ancel Keys’ goal was not to use science to discover an ultimate truth, for the benefit of humankind. He was rather more mercenary. His fancy was to become the global nutritional megastar, “Mr Cholesterol”. Or, as Nina Teicholz describes, his personal goal to be “by far, the Greatest Man (in nutrition)

Keys proposed the diet-heart hypothesis, which linked heart disease to fat consumption, in 1952. His theory explains why humans are still afraid of consuming fat. Since his early “discoveries,” avoiding fat has come to be associated with a healthy diet.

To their peril, Americans have obediently followed Keys’ advice. As refined carbohydrates and cancer-causing polyunsaturated fats have replaced saturated fats, chronic illness has surged throughout the world.

Those aged 48 to 57 with mid-range cholesterol (183–222 mg/dL) had a higher risk of heart attack than those with higher cholesterol.

They also discovered that “for every 1 mg/dL per year decrease in serum cholesterol values, there is an 11% increase in both the overall death rate and the CVD death rate.”

In fact, no studies have found that high LDL levels are a risk factor, regardless of triglyceride or HDL levels.

“There is a direct association between falling cholesterol levels over the first 14 years and mortality over the following 18 years (11% overall and 14% CVD death rate increase per 1 mg/dL per year drop in cholesterol levels).”

Now, in contrast, UCLA showed that 75% of heart disease patients had LDL below 130 mg/dl — the level at which doctors prescribe statins.

According to the data presented above, saturated fat can raise cholesterol. However, no evidence has been found to show that high cholesterol is a cause for concern on its own, regardless of other factors.

New evidence continues to mount that cholesterol is not the sole cause of heart disease. And that lowering it isn’t always a good thing (in fact in some cases it can cause more damage).


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The problem for proponents of plant-based diets is that many of these essential nutrients are not found in sufficient quantities and bioavailability in plants. Animal nutrients such as B12 (methylcobalamin), vitamin A retinol, vitamin k2, and DHA/EPA (phospholipid form) are examples of nutrients.

Then there are bioactive, conditionally essential nutrients found primarily in red meat, such as creatine, taurine, carnosine, and carnitine.

While this is a separate issue, it is also a significant contributor to the current mental health crisis. Many of these vitamins, such as DHA, B12, iron, and selenium, are essential for brain health. When you deprive your brain of animal products, it will react violently. Dr. Georgie Ede, presents it eloquently in the chart below.

Have Humans evolved to be Carnivores?

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According to Vilhjalmur Stefansson in The Fat of the Land, climate change converted the wilderness areas into dry plains some 2 million years ago.
Prehistoric diets of Plant foods were much insufficient for nutrition and more difficult to come by because of the seasonality of the cooler grasslands.

Their brains grew in size. A significant portion of our brain’s growth took place between 1 million and 500,000 years ago. Our brain’s energy needs were fulfilled by sacrificing something else, according to anthropologists Leslie C. Aiello and Peter Wheeler. Although they only contribute roughly 2% of our body weight, our resting energy expenditure is 20% higher because of it. Therefore, our brains are extremely energy-intensive.

To make matters worse, during the last 500,000 years of the ice age, vegetation did not reliably grow and humans had not yet invented fire. We required a steady supply of energy, and plant food couldn’t have provided it without fire and a large colon. Megafauna, the time’s largest animals, were the most readily available energy source. These animal fats met our energy requirements without the use of carbs, fibrous veggies, or costly smoothes.


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Carnivores are animals that eat other animals as food. We’ve evolved to rely solely on meat for nutrition, and we’re doing just well. We eat other food groups simply because we’ve been misled by money-hungry nutritional agencies or because we like the taste. Animals are critical to our survival. Other foods are not required.

Meat is the healthiest food you can eat because of our millions of years of adaptation to meat. Compared to our ancestors, Dominant carnivores, we are in terrible shape. Because they ate meat, the tribes like the Mongols were a formidable army. Let’s adopt their mindset, consume what we’re designed to eat, and crush our rivals and the rest of life.


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