Clarity Instead of War

Lately, I have been writing about the absurdity of war.

My main inspiration have been vaxxers and anti-vaxxers because there is a strong symbolism of division and identification with a certain position there.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

For the first time, we were forced to choose the side. You are either vaccinated or not vaccinated. There was no third option. A huge amount of clarity was needed to stay beyond it, and mentally not identify with either side, regardless of your medical decision.

The same goes for Russians and Ukrainians. Once you identify with a certain side, the war mindset arises, and the war is not absurd anymore. It is very real and important. It is crucial. It is ‘we’ against ‘them’.

Only when we don’t identify with neither side can we see the full picture and understand the whole absurdity of war.

Tip to maintain clarity — Don’t get too hooked on the media. The media is there to help you get identified. They have already chosen the side, and will do everything to get you on board and to transmit you a little bit of that war mindset.

While waiting for the new episode about the absurdity of war, you can read the first one named ‘War Identity’ on the following link to understand how the media sucks us into their world of wars.



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