Cringey Doctors and Therapists, Oh My!

Please don’t practice bad, awkward, misinformed ways. You can make a mess!

Dr. talking to a patient. Word bubble says, “is that a growth or are you just happy to see me?”
Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash, Adapted by Author on Canva

People often critique health care professionals for their lack of bedside manner because sometimes they say things that alarm you, and enrage you at the same time. I will share some strange comments that I have received from health care professionals that were, well, unhealthy and unprofessional.




Twin of ILLUMINATION to scale out

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MJ Adia

MJ Adia

Black-Filipina. Lived in Peru for 5 years. LICSW, dancer, meditator. Writes about multiculturalism, cinema, race, social issues.

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