Here Is Why Shawshank Redemption Is The World’s Best Movie


I just completed watching this masterpiece — The Shawshank Redemption. Oh man, what a movie! Literally mind-blowing. Worth watching & once in life experience where you just stare at the screen ~ especially the last 40 minutes. I genuinely felt that I should make a blog post on this movie. And here we go.

All of us have our own way to look at a particular film. It happens frequently that what I find amazing or good may not be the same for others. So when it comes to deciding which movie is the Entire World’s Best movie, we just go & look at IMDb ratings. The Shawshank Redemption tops the 250 movies list on IMDb with 9.2 out of 10. 2.5M people rated it and it was nominated for 7 Oscars.

If you make anyone watch The Shawshank Redemption, that person is definitely gonna love it. He/She may not consider it as the best movie of all time but I am pretty sure that it would secure one of my top favorite positions. No one is ever going to denounce it. Here, in this piece, I am going to elaborate on why The Shawshank Redemption tops. If you haven’t watched it yet, what are waiting for? Before you read further, let me alert you that it contains spoilers from this point on.

The story starts with a banker named Andy who got convicted for the murder of his wife (which he never did!). This sends him to Shawshank prison. Initially he, too, was unable to adapt with prisoners. As time flows he makes friends. Befriends with Red, Brooks & others. Andy starts getting used to in jail. Posts a big poster of Rita Hayworth. Basically, he just found happiness in his cellular jail with his few friends. But then comes the main villain (you can say so; it gives satisfaction to me) — Warden Norton.

Warden & other jail guards use Andy’s skill to convert their black money to white. In return, Andy asks for nothing. What he wanted was to update the library with new books. Andy helps his friends get a diploma so that when they get out of jail, they can do something. Here comes the twist when Tommy comes in. Over time, Tommy tells & confronts Andy that he can be proven innocent. Andy asks for help from Warden but he denies it arguably because if it happens, then who will launder his money & make him a millionaire?

Warden thought that Andy have no option but to accept what he offers him. Warden kills Tommy. Warden sents Andy into a 30-day prison where literally no sunlight comes. After all this, Andy played a game. He played so perfectly that the viewer is literally gonna freak out. On one rainy night, he escaped out of jail via a tunnel that he carved for 19 years. To get out completely of prison, he literally went through the gutter, which was full of all that shit and the length of 5 football grounds. He was free. Onto next he turned Warden Norton down.

Warden commits suicide. That scene is where the audience feels satisfaction because he deserves it. This satisfaction is also an important reason why I love Shawshank Redemption. From beginning to end, it progresses as a philosophical drama that attempts to give an explanation to life-related things. One of them is that — many things are not in our control, all we can do is accept & move on.

Another beautiful thing that the movie conveyed is institutionalization. We get used to new things over time. A boy leaving his home for a hostel is gonna find it hard initially but over time, he gets used to it. The film too portrays that it’s essential to cherish small things around us & not to give up when life is hard.

Actually, these are just easy things to learn. The movie shows his literates his true wisdom at the very end. It says that life can be hard, some situations are out of control but don’t just simply accept it & move on. You have to fight & make conditions in your favour. And when it comes to institutionalisation, we have to change & go on. We can’t just sit around and wait for death or for someone else to show up. This entire theme & two paradigms of HOPE makes this entire so precious.

  1. Hope is a dangerous thing my friend, it can kill a man...
  2. Hope is a good thing. Maybe even the best of things and good things never die.

You can argue on hope because it’s a dynamic topic. But in end, the movie is a one-time experience. In the beginning, I thought it might be a drama but got completely amazed at how it ended. It makes you easily connect with the characters.

Hope is what drives all 3 main characters till the end. It’s true that hope can drive a man insane. Hope is what made Andy carve a tunnel to escape. Hope is what made Red not to commit suicide & reach out to Andy after years. Hope is what made Warden make more money by laundering it so that he can be rich. Hope is truly everything.

So with that being said, I end it here. Thanks for having me🙋🏻‍♂️. Follow me on Twitter, I tweet as @TheUttam03.



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