How Did I Earn My First $100 On Medium?

My insight, strategy towards earning the first $100 with Medium Partner Program in 2024.

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When do I start my journey with Medium?

I have joined Medium Partner Program 4th February 2024 which is around 3 months ago. At that time I had 1k views, 500 reads and was writing from time to time on Medium during a year.

First a couple of days after joining Medium Partner Program I earned $0.05–$0.08 daily. My belief in income from Medium become lower and lower… But in next couple of days my earnings suddenly increased for $6/day for a couple of days. That was the moment I decided to try to earn here.

My financial goal

Next, I setted up my Financial Goal On Medium and wrote the steps towards it. It is easier to do something once you have a goal. Next, I divided my goal for the smaller milestones.

🤑💰 The first milestone was to earn $100 a month.

It's been almost 3 months since I started earning. And finally I earned $115, for 2.5 months… but it looks like I found out my strategy.

My stats for 3 months:

  • Articles wrote: 19
  • New followers: nearby 1k
  • Views: 2.5k — Feb, 3.5k — March, around 3k — April