Leadership Excellence

How To Be An Excellent Technical Leader

26 key characteristics of excellent technical and technology leaders

Dr Mehmet Yildiz
Jan 8, 2020 · 22 min read
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1. Leadership start with a vision

2. Leaders focus on excellence, not perfection

3. Leaders tolerate uncertainty and ambiguity

4. Leaders are emotionally intelligent

5. Leaders are mindful at all times

6. Leaders take personal responsibility

7. Leaders are action-orientation

8. Leaders are socially intelligent

9. Leaders are resourceful

10. Leaders prioritise based on the importance

11. Leaders aim to reach consensus

12. Leaders are effective communicators

13. Leaders are quick learners

14. Leaders are quiet achievers

15. Leaders inspire others to think and change

16. Leaders are influential

17. Leaders are principle-centred

18. Leaders are change catalyst

19. Leaders are self-aware and self-confident

20. Leaders are energetic

21. Leaders can deal with distractions

22. Leaders are reliable, trusted, and have integrity

23. Leaders are transparent and open

24. Leaders show modesty, humility, and vulnerability

25. Leaders are charismatic

26 Leaders have a growth mindset

How to be an excellent technical leader by Dr Mehmet Yildiz DigitalMehmet.com

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