I Don’t Feel That Pain Anymore

A poem

I don’t feel that pain anymore,
Not that intense at least.
I am saying this to myself today,
But cry, yet again on Saturday.

I wonder do you miss me anymore,
I tell myself that you do.
Because this way I feel better,
And makes the healing process easier.

Would I ever go back to you?
No way, I won’t.
You made your choice quite clear,
And I have standards to uphold.

I know that everything happens for the best,
And in time I will know why.
Even though I question everything I have been through,
As being patient is something I am trying to imbibe.

We all find ourselves when someone leaves,
But they take a piece of ourselves with them.
This leaves a void within us so deep,
That reminds us to never let ourselves feel this way again.

Tomorrow is another day,
And I’ll embrace it like every other day.
Focusing on the goals I put on hold,
As I was busy focusing on your goals instead.

I wish you a happy and successful life,
As holding on to the past is exhausting.
Someday I know everything will make sense.
And you will see me rise from the ashes.



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