Is this how you think when selling?

Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash

“I take money from people to provide them goods and services.”

This is the common way most Entrepreneurs think, but this is wrong and here’s why:

As an Entrepreneur you don’t actually “take” money from your tribe (market), nor is it given to you and this is because Money always moves to where it can increase the quality of life.

It is the nature/law of money to move by adding value to whoever possesses it. Therefore, money moves to you as an Entrepreneur because your products and services increase your quality of life.

The nature of money to increase life means it doesn’t belong to anyone, it only passes through different people to increase life in body, mind, and soul.

Let’s assume someone buys a bouquet of flowers from you, they have not lost money, and you have not taken money from them. Instead, their desire to get a flower bouquet is a medium for money to move through them thereby increasing the quality of their life and yours.

Thinking in this manner creates an abundance mindset because you realize no one is losing for you to gain, everybody wins every time, and therefore everyone is enriched.

Did you use to think in the way of taking and receiving?



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