How To Knock Out Writer’s Block| Writing with Visuals #01

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“There is nothing as blocked, being creative is a choice.”

External biases are imposed on us starting from schools. Our ability to trust our gut decreases.

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People are the victim of the Dunning Kruger effect. People underestimate their abilities to talk uniquely about something. They believe their ideas are pretty simple not worth sharing.

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People never consider themselves legit for writing. An industrial mindset requires you to have some kind of legitimacy to talk and do. Do experts who are licit really exist?

“You’re a writer when you write. Credentialing and perceived expertise aren’t needed. You will learn while you write. You will teach while you write. Just write.”

Arvid Kahl

“Waiting to write about something until they are “competent” enough to write about it.”

Austin Schlessinger

People think they write, what they write when they write. But they write, what they write when they explore. Writing is more than just it.

i ) Reading feeds it.

ii ) Understanding and making connections make it unique.

iii) Structuring and editing make it readable

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If you have some kind of system developed for writing, one of the advantages is your options increase. It often happens you start writing, then you get ideas. You may end up on something compelling new.

Never bound yourself within certain writing rules and formulae. First, just put initial thoughts on the paper. Writing may be termed as “FBW.” F fast B bad W wrong You can always edit it later.

“An idea can be given structure, but a structure is nothing without an idea. Get your thoughts down first, then worry about making them coherent afterward.

Brain dump →Dirty edit → Clean edit”

Stephen Moore

When you are researching for writing. Always look for :

a) Contradictions

b) Questions

c) Supportive arguments

from the information you already have.

Evolutionarily humans are better at conversation than writing. Writing started after the invention of paper. But we were speaking way before writing. Ever stuck, start the conversation. If no one is there, start with yourself and see the magic.

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When you are consuming content, take notes. Write one note for each idea. Then assemble all of them. Not plagiarizing but transformation. The transformation from one context to another, from one medium to another.

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“The white sheet of paper — or today: the blank screen — is a fundamental misunderstanding” No one starts from scratch. You have already put in the reps of thinking. Start from abundance.



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