Maybe Democracy

Maybe Democracy is simply Dictatorship hidden behind shallow phrases such as ‘freedom of speech.’

Photo by Marija Zaric on Unsplash

As soon as technology genuinely allowed everybody to speak, the costume dropped, Dictatorship stayed naked and did what Dictatorship do — censorship!

Freedom of speech was the real thing only when just a small group of people had a chance to speak.

Maybe Democracy is simply the name Capitalism came up with to achieve its objectives. Capitalism needed some nice values attached to the governments, science, media and other major pillars of society to make its distribution channels pure.

However, the costume dropped when those pillars became so influenced by the capitalistic pursuits that they simply couldn’t tolerate any questioning. Any questioning means dropping the stock prices.

Paradoxically, technology, one of the most important engines of Capitalism, in the end, exposed Democracy and showed it for what it is — Dictatorship.

And now the whole system is in trouble.

When Dictatorship happens, that is when the conflict arises. Because Dictatorship and Anarchism are two parallel processes.

Croatia is a young democracy, not even 30 years old. Maybe that’s why it is more peaceful there at the moment than in some old democracies such as Canada and Australia. Because the government, science and media have not yet been too influenced by big companies and their agendas. Democracy still hasn’t had a chance to show its real face — which appears when Capitalism starts drowning in greed.

Here is the second in the series of stories about the pointlessness of war which talks about how the war identity has recently shifted to some countries we considered very peaceful not so long ago.



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Karlo Tasler

Karlo Tasler

Explaining the complexity of life and its various perspectives through the beautiful game of football. Or rather the tragic game of football, so to speak.