My 4 Truths of Life

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

1. The past cannot be changed

Most of the time, we get stuck in the past and carry the pain and guilt of how we led our life. In my view, living in the past and thinking about our failures is a sheer waste of time, imagination, and energy.

2. Happiness is only found within

I believe that happiness is found within. However, we search for happiness everywhere. No doubt, the ultimate search in life is happiness.

3. Kindness is free

Unfortunately, we are so fast to criticize, bear jealousy and have hatred and anger. I sometimes ask myself this question:

4. You only fail if you Quit

To me, this applies to almost every aspect of our personal and professional life. If we don’t quit, we don’t fail.



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Nadir Mahmood

Writing is my passion. I believe “a drop of ink can make millions think”. I write about self-improvement, health and unique information.