My One Year Experience As An Engineer


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In late 2020, I started my first job as an engineer. You can call me a software engineer, systems engineer or cloud engineer but titles don’t really matter (in my case) because I worked on multiple projects with completely different tech stacks.

In the initial days after joining the company, I worked in a web development project then I moved to an identity management project and then to a cloud project. All this happened within a year.

I got incredibly lucky (as I sometimes do), all three projects were totally new. We were building everything from scratch. I enjoyed the process of learning, creating (aka coding), getting frustrated at the errors and trying everything on the internet to resolve them. It was hectic, it was hard but it was fun.

I think it’s important to explore a company by being part of various projects to understand how the company works and if its values align with yours or not.

The team members I worked with were really smart and kind, I got to learn a ton from them. Working with senior engineers made me realise the gaps I had in my knowledge of a subject and how I wasn’t approaching problem-solving with the right mindset and strategy.

Out of the three projects, I like the cloud project the most because it is full of exciting possibilities.

Apart from my engineering duties at the company, I joined multiple clubs, hosted the company’s annual event, hosted a book talk, gave a book talk (on my ebook), wrote articles for their newsletter and blogs, recited poetry at an online event.

I had my ups and downs. Some days I did not want to wake up, I did not want to join a meeting and some days I jumped out of bed to open the laptop. I have experienced burnout, imposter syndrome and some days I felt I couldn’t keep up.

Although I have completed one full year, I still get nervous about not completing the work within a sprint, but who doesn’t?

The Software engineering job is lucrative but it has its cons. I have realised that it’s important to set boundaries, take mental health and physical health breaks. You don’t have to stare at screens for nine hours just because your job entails you to sit in front of a computer, you can (and should) take breaks.

I have never been to the company premises because of the pandemic, but I’m totally okay with that because my home office is good (but good is never good enough so I have to improve it).

I can proudly say that I’ve managed to turn my fears or shortcomings into my strengths in 2020 and 2021. I achieved most of my dreams last year and new ones are already in my head.

I wish all of you a happy new year and may all your dreams come true!

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