“Our Every Effort is Aimed at the Individual, at His Vision and Uniqueness.”

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Only the dream of an individual can save the world.

For generations, educational institutions around the world have dedicated their every effort towards trying to teach “sustainable development” to the masses without having the smallest result, instead of focusing their work on the individual, on his vision, on his uniqueness.

For the consciousness of the Earth is individual — the world that we see and touch is a state of being, and if we don’t change man, his inner states and conditions the world cannot change.

The sustainable development of the planet is only a consequence of man’s dream, and we can never think to save the planet if we don’t first eliminate the psychological wastes that pollute the inner being of man.

There are thousands of organizations and institutions born out of the idea of pacifism, of altruism; out of the desire to help humanity — to save the planet; but most of these are just monstrosities.

Because just like our schools and universities, these charitable institutions are still created around the belief that the solution to the world’s problems lies in the indoctrination of the crowds — in the raising of the collective consciousness — and because of this they will fail.

The solution lies in man.

All that he is conscious of makes him free and all that he is not conscious of enslaves him.

Then only a man who knows how to face himself, his inner incrustations, and his own psychological trash, can face the problems of existence resolve the economy of a nation heal the ills that afflict the planet.

The planet can be saved only if the individual saves himself. To think that man can heal or save the Earth before healing or saving himself, before reaching a state of self-consciousness, is like trying to put the cart before the horse.

We need then schools for individuals that teach the way to indivisibility, unity of being, and integrity. This should be the only focus of the education to come: to ferryman through the long and hard work of discovering himself, of digging in his misery, in his own fragmented psychology in order to reveal his own Will.

Will cannot be taught because it already exists in every man. Will results from an extensive work of transformation of self-inquiry and sublimation; and schools should serve only to eliminate that which obstructs Will’s realization and manifestation.

When the individual’s Will manifests itself, it is miraculous it can move mountains.

Will is a look from above Will is the solution it’s the Faith that Jesus talked about the individual’s Will is that magical flight, that creative power that can change the course of the entire world.

So instead of spending days, months, and years in pain and suffering — entangled in the most insignificant things, identified and lost in useless affairs, unable to move a pin in the outer world return to yourself; pay attention to your inner being where the real power of doing dwells, to that inner impeccability that ‘does’. Stay there and remember:

The slightest change in your being moves mountains and project you as a giant in the world of events.



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Elio D'Anna

Elio D'Anna

Elio D’Anna, Founder and President of @eseschool, best-selling author, businessman, musician and producer https://linktr.ee/eliodanna