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The Best Dog Toy Ever

It’s so good, that even Roomba wants to play with it

Wendy Snyder
3 min readMay 15, 2022
Photo of yellow labrador dog with a green ball with holes in it.
The cat dog's new favorite toy. Photo by author. Wendy Snyder.

“I had a package delivered to you.” My mom said through the phone. “It’s on your porch right now.”

“Hold on,” I held the phone to my chest and pointed to my teenager. “Can you see if there’s a package on the porch?”
She returned and opened it. A green and blue hard plastic ball with holes lay inside.

I moved the phone back to my ear. “What is it?” I touched it. It was hard as a rock.

Photo of green ball with holes in it, with dog out of focus in the background.
The new toy. Photo by author. Wendy Snyder

I could hear the bounce of excitement in my mom’s voice. “It’s a dog toy!” She sounded like a kid on Christmas. I pictured her bouncing up and down on the couch in excitement.

“Oh! Thanks.” My daughter put it on the ground and rolled it toward Lia, the cat-dog.

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Loud obnoxious yet exciting, animalistic robot sounds came out of it. It didn't roll straight either. It wobbled and wheeled in erratic patterns. You can listen to it and watch it in action here.

Lia went berserk.

She tried catching it, kicking it, eating it, and picking it up. Everything evaded her. She ran up and down the hall, into walls, around corners, and she still couldn’t pick it up.

She lost her freaking mind chasing it like a madman.



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