The Greatest Talent Is Suicide

Biggest Killer Is Conceit

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Economics is the science of scarcity

People quickly discovered that a person’s subjective preferences are unstable. When he is in a state of scarcity, he is painful; when he is in a state of not scarcity, he is boring. The concept of happiness in the economic sense has become an impossibility proposition. The artificial intelligence science conceived about the possibility of human immortality, and the idea of trying to achieve a completely happy life for mankind through technological improvements is a typical post-modern scientific form that completely ignores the complexity and darkness of human nature.

Human beings can indeed explore the possibility of immortality through science, but no technology can overcome the pain and boredom of human nature. It is this painful and boring state of human nature that is the biggest cause of human death. In this sense, we understand that the biggest killer of human beings is not aging, disease, or external disasters, but human conceit and stupidity.

Given the prerequisites of human conceit, stupidity, and error, I have been striving to pursue a science and technology about suicide. Human beings have been a group of suicide masters from the very beginning, and science is by far the most efficient suicide tool created by human beings.

It can be said that human society has always been a crazy society composed of terrorists who commit suicide attacks. On the proposition of suicide, mankind truly embodies our courage and talent.

Mankind has not found any murderous foreign enemies outside of the earth, and it is human beings who really regard human life as a weed. Over the years, mankind has continuously staged wars, plagues, and famines, causing too many people to lose their lives.

The 20th century that people were looking forward to was the world that killed the most people in human history, surpassing the total number of killings in the history of human society in the past thousands of years.

At this moment is the 21st century of mankind. History has obviously remembered the beginning of this century. An inexplicable virus appeared in Wuhan, China, and it spread rapidly across the world.

Humans seem to have no interest in the research on the origin of this virus. Instead, they took the opportunity to quickly launch a vaccine. The governments of various countries put people’s freedom and rights behind, threatening to lose their jobs, or even directly arrest them, forcing countless citizens. Inject a vaccine with no definite effect that has not completed the experiment.

The entire human society has fallen into a state of evil and absurdity. Some people say that this is a preparatory, organized, and gentle collective massacre. Some people say that this means that the entire human race has fallen into a huge lie. Others say that the ignorance and stupidity of modern people have lost their basic common sense.

Full of rational light at this moment

If there is a pair of eyes in the sky watching our actions at this moment, I think he will close his eyes sadly and leave a tear of pity.



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