The Necessity of Personal Space

Finding Balance — Series Part II of IV

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When you are being mindful of the high-intensity thinking and doing as described in the upper right square of the Space Scribble, your solution is to seek space for the relief of stress and anxiety from constant burning. The exact opposite of the burning square is the space square at the lower bottom left. From the horizontal and vertical scale, we can realize that it is the chill-out place, where thinking and doing are at the minimum. This is the vacation where there is no work, no phones, no emails, duties, lying on the beach or couch relaxing, meditating, or just spacing out. For the longest time, I thought this is a waste of time, time better used for more burning and grinding. When I eventually burned out, not once did I attribute the cause to the lack of space, but to other reasons related to my inability or performance quality.

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Through personal experiences and observation of the brightest of minds, I come to realize space isn’t just about physical rest but cerebral emancipation as well.

As odd as it sounds, freeing oneself from that very problem you are stuck on, allows the brain to freely wander, to think whatever it wants to, using whatever resources, intuition, subconsciousness to offset the burden, balance the weight, and circumvent the roadblocks our intellects stringently set in place to optimally pursue logical thinking.

You’d be surprised that the outcome is often creativity, which can manifest in the form of ingenious ideas that could be the result of your random encounter on the street, casual flipping through the TV channels, taking a shower, etc...

Newton didn’t discover gravity by deducing equations in a room, he did so by napping under an apple tree. Niels Bohr didn’t discover the structure of atoms in a laboratory, he did so through dreams. How many Eureka moments that you have had were attributed to seemingly random activities? Our body needs space, so does our mind as well. It is important to realize the magnitude and vitalization of the space element. And now I come to treasure it as part of my productivity enhancement effort, to rejuvenate and prepare for the efficient and productive week ahead.

Be warned, just like the burning end of the box, when the intensity of having leisure space gets too low for too long, it can become seductive and dangerous too. When all the days are blending together, weekdays and weekends mean little to you, your mental and physical agility starts to lose their vigor, thinking and doing becomes harder, productivity is no longer in existence even in the foreseeable future, that would be a very bad thing.

Try to avoid the lure of leisure and know when to jump out or it for other squares in the Space Box, other than burning on both ends, we still have pure thinking and pure doing to consider adding to our palate of a balanced life.




Twin of ILLUMINATION to scale out

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