Use the ‘One Last Time’ Strategy to Handle Change.


Change and sacrifices are an inevitable part of life. And this is especially observed when we are growing up and leaving our homes, family, and friends. Recently, I have been giving some thought on how to handle such drastic changes as I face a similar situation (of leaving my home for my education and career). And I try to implement a self-developed strategy called ‘ONE LAST TIME’. Now obviously, I am no expert, but this strategy has helped me a lot to make the most of the time before leaving my home, family and friends.

My Experience

Like many aspiring students, studying in a foreign country was one of my dreams since my undergrad years. And this dream was soon going to turn into a reality. After a tedious and lengthy process of appearing for the required exams, applying to multiple universities, and patiently waiting for more than 3 months, I finally received an admission letter from the University of Southern California (this university was on my ambitious list)!

Surprisingly, however, I was neither feeling excited nor happy about my acceptance into this university. I was hit with a never-before felt, strange, emotion. But after further speculation, I realized that this emotion was nothing else but FEAR.

All my life I have been living close to my family and friends. And although I have lived away from my parents for a considerable amount of time, shifting to a new country still was an extreme jump. I have been building layers of comfort around me- parents, family, friends, home-cooked food, a job, etc. And all this has happened unconsciously. Now, building comfort around myself might not have been a bad thing, however, it was giving me a hard time accepting the fact that I would soon be leaving all these ‘leisures’ behind.

Many times I also questioned whether shifting to a foreign country for higher education and a career was worth it; I could pretty well stay at home and work something out. But, I was fortunate enough to get help from my parents and family (especially my uncle) who convinced me why this big change was one of the best things that could happen to me (will probably discuss this in a later article).

Their advice did make me want to take full advantage of this awesome opportunity that I was presented with. Nevertheless, I still did not know how to spend the short time that I was in my home country with my family and friends. This is when I developed the ‘One Last Time’ strategy, which is just a set of rules that I try to follow to ensure that I will not regret my final days in my home country.


One Last Time

No Regrets, Just Do it!

Many times we want to explore something, but just ignore it, thinking that we will do it ‘the next time. Laziness or fear gets the best of us. And of course, often, such an opportunity is never been presented to us again (especially if you are moving out of your country/home)- like trying out a local restaurant or meeting up with an old school friend. Soon, you’ll move far from home and won’t get a chance to do such things. So if you have even the slightest doubt that you’ll regret not doing something, just do it.

In my case, this strategy worked wonders and the current article is a result of this. Another way in which I applied this strategy was by just saying “yes”, whenever I got a chance to visit my relatives, my hometown, hang out with my friends, go on road trips, and spend time with family. And especially savor the time I am spending in a place with the person. It might be the last time I could be visiting that particular place and the last time I am seeing the person, so why not make the most out of it?

Get Your Relations Sorted, You Might Not Get Another Chance!

If you are leaving the country, any meeting with a person could be your last meeting with him/her! Assume that you are meeting the other person for the last time ever and behave accordingly. Relish your conversations and try to keep in touch with the person as long as you can as it might lead to a productive relationship later in life.

If it’s someone you are not particularly fond of, doesn’t matter! Resolve all your conflicts and shake hands as a few months later it won’t make any difference. Why do you want to carry the burden of some small disagreement that happened weeks ago? Holding grudges won’t help anyone.


And last but not the least-

Prioritize Enjoyment Over Other Things!

It’s okay to miss out on a workday and hang out with friends. Memories with your family and friends will last longer than the small amount of extra work that you’ll get done in that time. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should always give up on work and other important things. Remember your limits, and make sure to enjoy within them.



I could see a positive change in my mood as soon as I applied these strategies. Every morning, instead of counting the days till I departed from my home, I was searching for opportunities to make the most of my time.

Apart from these strategies, many films helped me to change my perspective towards leaving home- especially ‘About Time’ and ‘La La Land’.

If you are faced with a similar situation of leaving your family, friends, and home for your education or career, I hope this article helped you find comfort in change!

Happy Reading :)



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