Wanted: Employee. Real People Need Not Apply

What could I say or do to make things right?

Markus Scorelius
May 15 · 9 min read
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Idiots always know what’s right and I’m sick of it.

The desire for simplicity leads to us believing lies.

Standing up for myself, for what I felt was right 23 years ago has cost me greatly.

Blacklisting or red-flagging someone says that you support whatever injustice happened to them in the past that caused them to cover up the truth.

Employers demanding a simple, streamlined truth are living in fantasy land.

Having too much life to explain in a 30-second sound bite leads to age discrimination.

We’re not saying anyone over 40 need apply, life just makes that the case.

Is it just me or does corporate America punish good people while rewarding evildoers?


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