Why Being in Your Own Company is All Right

Why is it important to stay all by yourself? Why it is completely all right and we should make no big deal out of it?

Rachel Grace
3 min readMay 28, 2021


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Throughout my life, I have seen introverted people getting bashed for being the way they were. Everyone just automatically felt bad for them as if they are serving a sentence. Everyone would point out their quietness. Judge them. Whisper about them and spread rumors. See them with sympathy.

“He doesn’t talk to many people.”

“I think she has a lot of attitude.”

“Poor boy, he must need our help.”

“Maybe, she has an abusive boyfriend.”

I am an introverted person and believe me; I have had my share of rumors. Relatives and acquaintances were particularly so caring (nosey) about why I speak so little or mingle little. Half of them were just bored, and they looked for someone to pass comments on and give unnecessary advice.

Thanks to them, I too believed that I have some problem. I saw errors in myself and that eventually drowned my level of confidence.

I tried very hard to become the “not so quiet person”, “happiest all smiley person” and whatnot.

I just couldn’t do it. It made me feel uncomfortable and bored to death.

“To hell with it.” This was my attitude soon. If I don’t want to talk to somebody, why should I? If I don’t find somebody interesting to talk to, then how is it my fault?

There it was. I became comfortable in my skin. My confidence boosted, and I loved myself to bits. And soon I realize what powers do I possess which those minglers don’t.

Being alone is a CHOICE. And no, we do not need your pity. Thank you so much. We do not want to become your projects.

I am not scared of being by myself. I am completely fine having a good time alone at a social gathering rather than mingling with people just for the sake of it or people who I will not see again for a very long time.

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What good does being in your own company do?

You aren’t dependent on others for your happiness

For some people, being by oneself is depressing. They do not know what to do and how to pass their time. They can’t be with themselves for long. They soon become desperate to find people to be with, even if it is a virtual company.

This is just plain sad. If you can’t bear your own company, how can you expect other people to bear it? If you seek happiness in others, you will never be truly happy.

You know yourself the best

The more you stay by yourself, the more you will focus on knowing yourself.

See, what happens is with highly impressionable people, their choices and interests get influenced by the surrounding people. Their true opinions phase out without their knowledge.

It is very important to know your true priorities and goals before being misled by others. You will know your tolerance level, what kind of company in life you truly seek.

Nothing or nobody lets you down

When you become a person who enjoys being by oneself, other people in your life become a part of your life and not the center. It makes you composed and nothing really shocks you anymore. No, I don’t mean you become cold-hearted, but yes; it is easier for you to move on.

Your best friend chose someone else to go to the movies with? You will be okay watching the movie alone without a second thought. Your movie plans were not dependent on your best friend’s choice.

Nobody’s judgments affect you

Before trying something new you do not worry about people’s opinions. You just do not care. You have a natural shield that does not let the fear of other’s judgments stop you.

You don’t fear if the failure would make you a subject of mockery or not. It makes you fearless.

Can you enjoy your own company? Was there anything new you found out about yourself?



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