Why I Started Running: A Runner’s Story Of Finding Your Passion

From finding a new passion

Discovering who you are as a person, and running can have a profound impact.

why i started running
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When I decided to start running, I had no idea how it would change my life. At the time, I was just looking for a way to stay in shape during college after years of religiously participating in high school sports. But what I found was so much more than that.

Running has helped me to become more connected to myself. I’ve gotten healthier and gained muscles that I never thought were possible. But most importantly, running has given me a sense of accomplishment that I never thought was possible.

There are so many reasons why you should start running, even if you’re not in great shape or don’t consider yourself a “runner”. Here are just a few of the benefits you may come to find as you lace up your shoes for 26.2 (or less).

Why I Started Running

Over the past seven years, running has incredibly impacted my life, to put it simply. However, running was not always my passion. In fact, growing up I never had a passion for running at all. When it came time for me to choose which sport or activity would be my calling in life there were so many options that seemed better than just “running”.

I played basketball and golf in high school. I was pretty good at all of them, but the running part… not so much. Or at least, running was far from my favorite activity. So how did this non-runner turn into such a passionate enthusiast for the sport?

It certainly did not happen overnight. The idea for running actually developed in college. Back then, I was adjusting to the transition of not having a strict sports regimen in place as I did all throughout my childhood and adolescence. I quickly joined club activities and intramural sports, however, these certainly did not center around running specifically.

As I entered the workforce, the lack of having a solid fitness routine became more evident by the day. In the early stages, I was not prioritizing my physical health, which quickly led to constant fatigue and an overall lack of motivation. One morning, I decided that I needed a diversion that was going to re-shape how I imagined my adulthood and transform my weeks. I knew that starting a fitness routine was bound to break up the monotony of my week and would likely result in elevating my mood.

After looking into several sporting options, running seemed to meet all the qualifications: it is cost-effective, highly accessible, and time-efficient. I laughed at the notion that here I was, in my early twenties, about to head out for a run, with the intent of doing just that — running.

Regardless, I gave it a shot, and have never looked back. I’m so happy I did.

Why I Keep Running

Since I started running, so many positive things have happened in my life. I’ve learned how to connect with myself and manage my stress levels in a healthy way.

But most importantly, running has given me a sense of accomplishment that I never thought was possible.

It is sometimes difficult to find things in life that we can be proud of, especially when it comes to personal accomplishments. We may achieve great things at our jobs or in our relationships, but these external successes do not always reflect who we are as individuals.

Running has helped me to build self-confidence and has taught me how to celebrate my own individual achievements. For example, when I ran my first half marathon, I was so proud of myself — even though I did not achieve a “personal best” time. The simple fact that I completed the race was something worth celebrating!

Every time I lace up my shoes and hit the pavement (or treadmill), I know that there is a chance for an accomplishment — even if I am the only one who is aware it is occurring.

Don’t get me wrong, seeking external validation can surely feel exciting at times. However, if you want to develop true consistency and inner strength, you need to chase goals for yourself. Doing it for Facebook likes, Instagram hearts, and outside praise can only get you so far. There is nothing better than training intensely for a PR or a certain distance and living up to your own dreams. There really is no better feeling.

Why You Should Start Running

So, have I convinced you yet? If you still need some objective truths, there are a lot of real-world benefits to running.

  • Stress Relief: it’s been proven to help decrease levels of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.
  • Pleasing High: you release natural substances called endorphins when you run which make you feel good.
  • Cardiovascular Benefits: it increases your lung capacity, strengthens your heart, and speeds up blood flow in the body. All of these factors mean better health!
  • Increased Fitness And Weight Loss: the “afterburn” effect of running is one of the best calorie burners there is; don’t be surprised if weight starts coming off as well!

Most importantly though… running helps you feel your best and confident self, inside and out.


Running is a great way to combat stress and get in shape. Plus, it’s not expensive or difficult to prepare for! If you’re looking for an easy solution that will work with your busy schedule, why don’t you try running?

It doesn’t matter if you are out of shape — trust me, when I first started, I could barely run for two consecutive minutes!

To run, all you need is determination and the willingness to start slow. Running may be just what you need as an outlet from everyday life — so why not give it a shot today? Let us know how long your first run was in the comments below!



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