Why You Want Your Own Medium Publication

It’s worth the effort

Photo by Alexis Zacharko on Unsplash (By the way…I have three writer friends who at one time were the editor at High Times. How’s that for having friends in “high” places?)

Like everybody else, I had no idea what the hell I was doing when I first found Medium. All I knew was I had 7 million views on Quora (which doesn’t pay) and figured I could accomplish the same here — and make some money, finally. Think again! Not that simple as it turned out.

In the process of submitting stories and mostly getting rejected, one editor who liked my articles but didn’t think they were right for his publication, advised me to start my own pub. It seemed like that would entail too much expertise and effort, and at first, I did not heed his words of wisdom. Now I’m glad I did. And here’s the main reason why:

This week I had a story go viral (relatively speaking). It was curated (which of course made all the difference) — but it didn’t appear in a big publication. The story was in the niche of one of my pubs. And so that’s where it went.

So what happened? A bunch of other stories that were lying dormant suddenly came back to life. And in a significant way. Even without the viral story factored in, I still would have had my biggest day on Medium ever. Such was the ancillary benefit of publishing in my own publication.

Additionally, I assume there will be a residual benefit once the viral story has exhausted itself — as the publication has gained many followers I would hope will come back for more. None of this would have happened if this story had gone in another publication.

Yes, I could place embeds — and readers might have gone to my homepage to research more — if I’d appeared in a publication other than my own. But I have to think a publication dedicated to the subject is a much more powerful marketing vehicle. It sure seemed that way.

Now add this on: If you have a publication that invites other writers to contribute, what happens when an outside author with a lot of followers submits a story and you publish it for him? That’s right. He brings his followers to your publication. And if that follower reads one of your pieces? Bingo. You know the rest.

Not done! With your own publication, there’s no wait time — sitting and hoping some big publication will accept your submission. If you’re anything like me, you want to put your work of art out into the cyber world immediately. Having your own publication allows you to do that more effectively.

And finally, check this out! At the outset, it makes sense to submit some of your stories to established publications to find your audience. And I’ve done a mix and match on that front.

A few articles that were published with other people’s publications — but in my niche — were doing nothing. So I removed a couple from those publications and put them in my own. And guess what happened! They are suddenly revived.

The bottom line is I’m happy I started my publications. It’s not all that difficult to do. And it doesn’t take a computer Einstein to set it up. Actually, Medium makes it really easy (relatively).

Here are 4 of my best articles to lead you to my publications. I know! Shilling for dollars. But still, I think there really is some good advice in what I just wrote.


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