You might not deserve it, but you must die for it

Success: The word that defines it all

Write the dust


To be successful is not exactly a lightweight. It requires tons of hard work in order to get it. Nobody said life was easy and, taking into account you just have one, why wouldn’t you try to be your best?

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It’s a shame the fact that over 65% of people don’t have the balls to pursue their dreams. You’re living this life because God chose you to do so, and time slips so fast. If you think of life as something slipping away, you surely would take your ass out of the chair and start doing things, because you’ll feel guilty owing to not seizing every single day on your past life. Completely normal. You’re a person worth loving.

Do you know the sentence fake it until you make it? It will help you put the first brick in the wall that is your life. In order to be successful, it’s mandatory to feel so. Feel it deeply. Feel it until you get mad. Make it your bride.

But…what success is?

It doesn’t have to mean the same for every single person. In fact, it doesn’t. The only thing that success means for the vast majority of people is having the life they ever wanted to have but never could.

Success is a way out of your appalling life. It means change, and change is well welcomed by those who are not living their dream life, to put it bluntly, you and me.

It is not difficult to attain. You only must have a plan and put it into action. Give it a stab and achieve it. Every single person could, but as I said, it requires tough work. Work that will look like a mountain as high to reach Mars, but baby step after baby step, we’ll make it. Another day rotting in vain is forbidden.

Is success my only reason to live?

It depends. Everything depends on something in life. Bear this in your mind.

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On one hand, you can think like Seneca, who said that you only live once, so you should enjoy your life and not make a single effort. On the other hand, you can think like someone who wouldn’t stay the same all his life long. It is your decision. But make it well, because this will define your life.

If you choose the first one, it’s alright. Seneca was a smart man but he fucked up saying this. Living life watching time pass by and only drinking and watching Youtube is not the best option for your body and mind, but nothing wrong with it.

If you choose the second one, I already know you belong to the group of the winners, those who carry the weight of the world. There’s no way but the hard way, and we’re going to make it.

But, you must know something, it requires some steps that I’ll give you so you can be on the top of the world.

Your action plan

First of all, you have to fake it until you make it. Fake you love yourself until you become the best version you could ever have thought of. Think you have the life you ever wanted to the point to make your loved ones cry with a smile on their mouths. Think that you’ll have to put your hands to work, but by doing that you achieved a lot more than the vast majority of people.

Secondly, have a routine. The mother of all the successful people in this world. Do things constantly to see results. And don’t hesitate, the good things in life require time, and time is all you have and it wouldn't stop even if you want, so make the best of it. You want to live a good life so you can tell you lived your dream life when you become old.

Thirdly, work every day. Until your lungs are exhausted, your legs hurt every time you take a step, your arms couldn’t be moved 3cm without feeling pain, your mind tells you to go to bed but your heart wants more of it. Work and don’t look back.

Easy, right? You can start now. Surely, you’re happier than today in 5 years.


Every old person swears that life is short and they wished to have the opportunities that you have.

Life, for you, might seem long, as you do things that you don’t like.

There’s a common truth for the population: everyone wants to have a happy life. And that’s something you could create. Do it before it’s too late or die regretting the opportunities lost.



Write the dust

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