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Fintech emergence of new technological breakthrough

Massive Search Growth — Term “Fintech” with a rate of 100%+ every year

After the emergence of Fintech or Financial Technologies, it is observed three terms inclined with massive search rate. Financial technology is base on modern means of digital payment processing, for the back-end settlements of assets in capital markets, and for digital financial leverages to various organizations.

Three trends revamping and creating hype on the internet:

big tech or big data— new technological breakthrough with fintech
Photo by Joshua Sortino

Big Tech

The emerged trend of fintech brings up the continual emergence of big new firms into this emerging sector. Technologies introduced in fintech include the following; Google pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung pay, and all these became popular due to the mass emergence of smartphones globally. Most of the social media platforms are planning to integrate these options to make payment processing faster and safer.

quantum computing — new technological breakthrough with fintech
Photo by Sergey Zolkin

Quantum Computing

It is based on binary code, it works with the highest speed and it can resolve many complex problems within seconds, by using quantum phenomena including quantum entanglement and superposition. Quantum computing has a great influence on fintech, and it helped in processing and settlement of transactions, faster data processing, performance modeling, and results in improved Security.

Artificial Intelligence — new technological breakthrough with fintech
Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn

Artificial Intelligence

In this sector, AI and machine learning added up ease for financial organizations to manage their portfolio risk and help in regulatory compliance for institutions. These tasks in becoming tiring and complicated over years for humans. Advanced technologies like quantum computing reduce the need for salespeople and advisors in the financial industry. Technology would be adding up cost over time but simplifying access to information and bringing up better returns for investors, firms, and customers yielding more returns.



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