How St. Edmunds is redefining education with Illumnus

Akshaya Singhal
Jun 3, 2019 · 3 min read

Featured School St. Edmund’s School

Flipping the classroom with Illumnus

illumnus made the classrooms more interactive by creating an active learning environment.

While there is still a fair scepticism in the education society towards the use of technology, there are a few who believe that education technology can achieve great things, if directed wisely. Dipen Singh, Director St. Edmunds School is one of those few who is always trying out new things to improve learning at his school.

“We wanted to create a more fluid and collaborative learning experience inside our classrooms. We were concerned that the traditional Learning Management Systems (LMSs), which enforce a top-down knowledge transfer, was not suited for today’s students, and not-so-tech-savvy teachers” Says Mr Singh.

In hope for a tool to drive engagement between students and something that provides them with real-world skills, last year they integrated illumnus in grade 9 at their school. Because of the ease of communication and information sharing, illumnus quickly became the preferred way of communication for students, when not in the class.

In “one size fits all” classroom, teachers spend most of their time giving lectures, creating and distributing homework, grading assignments and other managerial work. With all the workload, they hardly get to spend time with each student personally to figure out and solve the problems they face.

When teachers started using illumnus, a very interesting thing happened. Some of the teachers, in their words, flipped the classroom, by assigning the short informative video lectures as homework, and what used to be the homework, they were now doing in the classroom.

Creating, distributing, collecting, and grading assignments is quite a hectic and time-taking task for teachers.

I was reluctant to create online assignments as I have used many platforms before and none seems to be very effective. It actually increased my workload,” says one of the teacher “but with illumnus, it only takes me minutes to create and share assignments with the whole classroom. It's effortless and intuitive”. This makes the assessment process easy while providing a complete topic wise analysis for every student. The teacher now can help a student in better ways, and let his peers help too.

“With the ease of collaboration and sharing of information on the platform, not only there is increased participation in students,” says Mr Singh. “I see improved motivation in teachers, walking around in the class and actively engaging every student, solving real-world problems, without the bound of classroom walls.”

We at illumnus are trying to create a system that moves all the barriers that prevent learning. We work closely with teachers and institutions, try to understand the problems and figure out the solutions that can enable institutes in more ways than ever.

If you have got some ideas that can bring positive changes to the education system. We are all ears👂 .


The classroom collaboration Platform for shared learning.

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The classroom collaboration Platform for shared learning.

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