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Akshaya Singhal
Nov 5, 2019 · 4 min read

Ms Chiquita Rose


Springfield Education Group, Jaipur

Ms Rose is an optimist and a visionary with a firm belief in a better future for Education System.

We at illumnus are working our heart and soul to bring the Education System to match the big aspirations of our young generations.

We asked Ms Rose to share her views on the future of Education and where technology is taking it. Here is what she has to say.

“Today’s smart kids need smarter skills like Critical thinking, Collaboration, & Communication. We are moving towards more collaborative Learning Environment.”

How is education transforming?

“The more exposure to real-life practices, application-based learning, and to understanding the concepts is currently focused on.”

Education is transforming in the ways we communicate with smart parents and even smarter children. Communication and collaboration within and out of the system is becoming more and more important.

Curriculum and Syllabus are actively being updated but still more exposure to application-based learning, and understanding and applying the concepts in real-life practices are required.

Now, even the government has asked us to implement practical theories. For the pre-primary, government and NCERT has asked it should be more oral.

Today complete grooming is required to lead 360-degree development of a child.

In the coming few years, you will see drastic transformations in the education system. Classrooms are becoming more collaborative, and focus on skill-based learning.

So, I believe the coming education system is going to rock, and it’s going to be exceptionally extremely student-centred.

What is your say about smart classes and smartboard?

“Smart classes and the smart board makes the teaching-learning process smooth and interesting for students.”

Smart classes and smartboard! It has been a useful teaching aid for us because it addresses all the audiovisual learners and also it helps the teacher to engage the children and keep their interest intact.

Now, whether it’s the junior section or the senior section, it becomes beneficial for a teacher while explaining complicated concepts.

The teachers don’t have to make notes every year; instead, they can save it. The best feature is to save your work so that you can show your work to whichever class you want.

Also, it becomes straightforward for the teacher even if she has the basic diagram already saved in the smart board she can change her talking points, the labelling and the context of the same layout and reuse again and again.

The physical aids were the teacher may have a short time maybe few months or maximum one year, you cannot save the teaching aids on display for more than a year, and the teacher has to put in all the efforts, time and energy again and again to make them.

So, with the help of latest technologies with the smart boards, all these things become very easy for the teacher to explain even the problematic concepts easily and the teaching-learning process becomes smooth.

How is your school working on interpreting advancing education?

“Smart classrooms and connectivity with parents through WhatsApp and ERP software is helping us to advance our education system.”

Well, we have integrated smart boards in all the classes.

We are on WhatsApp for exchanging the information with the parents.

We are on ERP software, the bulk messages.

We try to stay connected with the parents also even whether if they cannot come to school because a lot of parents are working parents and they have their time constraints.

So that way, we stay connected with them through these advanced technologies.

We hope to see more structured LMSs and organised technologies for easier and smother knowledge exchange.

What is your opinion on the future of education, technology and jobs?

“jobs that requires consistency, and creativity will be given more preference over technical skills.”

Well, I believe that the way education is changing now, the way transforming now and we are more focused on application-based learning and developing the skills of the children. All these things are going to help the children in facing future challenges.

Since artificial intelligence is there in the market now, most of the things are taken care of by artificial intelligence.

Now, human beings will be only required either to operate those machines or to feed some instructions, and maximum work will be done through these machines or artificial intelligence.

That’s why I feel that yes there will be minimal jobs which will be only taken care of, by human beings but if we can successfully implicate life skills and application-based thing and emotional intelligence in children. Then, I believe that it will be helpful for them to overcome all the challenges as emotions and sentiments are out of artificial intelligence’s reach.

So, jobs that requires consistency, and creativity will be given more preference over technical skills. This will be the change in the coming future.

What is the one message you would like to give to the upcoming generation?

The message which I would like to give to our coming generation is that be more receptive and open to accept the change because this is only one thing, receptivity will take them a long way.

If they won’t accept the changes and if they don’t upgrade themselves, then they won’t stand anywhere. So, I think this is for all of us, the more open we are, the more receptive we are, and we will be able to survive for an extended time.

What sort of world should they be prepared for?

“Be ready to accept and adapt the changes, to survive for an extended time.”

We are giving voice to the opinions of the top educationists around the world, and plan to execute on same, with a dream for a better world.

If you have any suggestions of yours, we are all ears. 👂


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The classroom collaboration Platform for shared learning.

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