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17. Showdown: Cinematic Reveal Trailer Showcases An Epic Encounter In Illuvium

Rhamphyre looking like a formidable fire drake, embers raining.

The full-length gameplay trailer has just released, and for our growing base of future players, the look and feel of the game has clicked like never before. Our Discord community were the first to be notified, as promised, that the upload happened two hours ago.

The new, full-length Cinematic Reveal Trailer showcases the groundbreaking tech being utilized to create Illuvium. Everything seen in the trailer is UE4 in-game footage.

Legendary creatures engage in combat, showing the intensity each encounter will possess.

The trailer also gives away, among many exciting visuals and hinted revelations: The look of the female player character in action. A glance at the moz4rt companion drone scanning the battle field. And some choice epic shots of strange, shimmering energetic activity of all kinds on this troubled, enigmatic, shattered planet.

One week prior, the first in-engine look at the characters in the game dropped on YouTube. In the short teaser, Rypper and Rhamphyre merely sized each other up in the beach battleground known as the Ranked Arena. The newest video showcases a larger encounter, giving a breathtaking look at the attacks, scale, speed, and entertainment value of the autobattler showdowns in Illuvium.

The developers have innovated revolutionary new workflows that allow cinematic level detail.

The fully data-driven approach to create Iluvium on Immutable X has locked in a rapid prototyping process. The game developers have been able to visualize new abilities, and variations, with infinite possibilities, and see how it looks in-game, quickly and accurately.

Every single match will be stored and replayable. Players can study their opponents to identify weaknesses and improve their strategy. A neural network will help to balance the attributes of each Illuvial so that there are many winning strategies and the ranked system will help players connect to others of a similar skill level to themselves.

A single, central matchmaking lobby, as opposed to fragmented servers around the world, means players can challenge anyone, from anywhere in the world — to a battle.

With this in-depth look at the battle element of gameplay, interest in Illuvium is sure to heighten in the gaming community at the realization that this is not the average blockchain game. It has a AAA title look and feel, and will entice video game aficionados anywhere with its stunning, detailed graphics and electrifying combat sequences.

We hope those tracking this project feel the excitement as much as we do in the Illuvium office today!

Plenty of leaks coming down the pipeline. Join our Discord to stay in the know.

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