21. BLP Launchpad closes, breaking a record on Balancer.

The co-founders Kieran Warwick and Aaron Warwick, and core contributors are all thrilled to close the Balancer sale on such a high note. Thank you to Balancer Labs!

We cannot stop expressing our gratitude to all of you that participated.

New $ILV token holders: you now have the ability to participate in our governance to steer the protocol through your council members.

Congratulations! More information in the weeks to come on liquidity mining!

Moving forward, our unified aim in this DAO is to charge forward on-course towards the release of the inaugural AAA title of this game universe. You already know, Illuvium seeks to cover new ground in the utility, beauty, and emotional connection to NFTs, in a high-production value immersive RPG adventure game.

We have been working hard for months and have no plans of slowing down. You have just fueled our project to remain as ambitious as ever, with our sincere intention of delivering to you a game worthy of you.

Rogier Van Der Beek, Lead Concept Artist, tweeted this video of “overlord Squizz” looking happy and mighty at the close of our public sale.

Join Us On Discord, And Bonus NFT Reminder

As always, we will be leaking artwork, hinting, and sharing progress with you, on our Discord server.

Invite Link: http://discord.gg/illuvium

Please join us if you haven’t yet, especially new $ILV token holders who have yet to experience our intimate, but quickly growing global movement. Our core contributors and founders interact daily with the greater DAO, and it’s an essential aspect of our work and ethos.

An upcoming major Discord announcement will be when the BONUS NFT site goes live, so please stay tuned because you will have a limited window of time to claim your bonuses!

Medium Article: 19. How To Claim The Balancer Bonus NFTs

SushiSwap Pool

As previously mentioned, we have seeded a SushiSwap pool with approx. 57 000 $ILV tokens at this URL: https://app.sushi.com/pair/0x6a091a3406e0073c3cd6340122143009adac0eda

Quick Links:
Join us: discord.gg/illuvium

Stay tuned for more communications soon!

News, protocol updates, reveals, and other dispatches from the Illuvium DAO. Illuvium is a decentralised game studio. Launching on Immutable X is Q3, 2021.