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33. Elect Your Next Illuvinati Governance Council — 3rd Epoch: September 2021 — November 2021

Voting for the Illuvinati Council will take place HERE

For info on the elected nominees please see the below spreadsheet:

Thank you to the nominees who ran, campaigned, and stepped up for a leadership opportunity, in this important position of service to our DAO community.

Now the time has come once again for our token-holders to steer the direction of our endeavor. Your vote in the upcoming Illuvinati Council elections will ensure that your interests, perspectives, and recommendations for Illuvium’s success are represented in the leadership you elect.

We encourage, as always, for our entire community of eligible voters to participate in this election.

The election for the Illuvinati Council begins on Friday, September 3rd at 18:00 UTC, lasts 72 hours, and ends Monday, September 6 at 18:00 UTC.

UPDATE: The election has been extended to end at 2:00 September 7 UTC.

2nd Epoch Illuvinati Council—thank you for your dedication

The current Illuvinati Council has worked very hard during the past 2nd Epoch. Conversing with the community daily on multiple channels. Researching issues and sharing findings and feedback. Lending their own personal expertise from their professional backgrounds. Ensuring the moves we make are always decentralised, DAO-first, and true to our ethos. They stepped up, and we benefitted from their service.

The Council approved staking the Illuvium Treasury’s Sushi LP tokens into the Sushi ILV/ETH pool.

They approved the $AXS flash pool, an IIP authored by Synthaman, and great demonstration of how our governance empowers community members to propose change that are voted for, and in this case implemented for the benefit of our DAO and holders of other tokens in the metaverse.

They approved Flash Pools V2, a new contract to give us the flexibility to deploy all current ERC-20 tokens in staking pools. They also approved a pause on flash pools until the V2 contract completed audit and we received the updated Quantstamp Security Assessment Certificate. When flash pools reopened with V2 upgrade, we launched the planned $XYZ staking pool for our Universe XYZ friends to earn $ILV!

They approved Santiago RS#5914 to take the 5th Illuvinati Council seat, enabling a huge contributor to our community the opportunity to serve this epoch. And they approved the Illuvium: Zero minigame, to give the world their first Illuvium Universe gaming experience that ties into the main game!

We’ll announce the election winners on Discord

Stay tuned to Discord, because we will announce the results a day after the close of the election. To our newly-elected council, it will be your responsibility to listen to the DAO and representing the entire community. Your expertise, debate, and vote on IIPs and ICCPs will benefit our protocol. You will be awarded for your service. We thank you in advance for helping to build the strength of Illuvium in the blockchain Metaverse.

Refresher on the Election Process

As written in The Illuvium Council article, members will be in charge of voting and approving proposed changes to the Illuvium protocol.

The voting process will be performed on Snapshot through off-chain signatures with quadratic weighting. This ensures that voting is fair and eliminates the power of sizeable ILV wallet holders having too large an impact on voting.

The Illuvinati Council will be responsible for motioning whether or not the eDAO should execute any protocol updates added to the IIP and ICCP repository. The eDAO will still retain discretion not to enact a deleterious change to the protocol. This is to ensure that malicious proposals that manage to pass governance do not get implemented. We believe this is needed to maintain the longevity of the protocol.

To vote in the Council Election, you must be a holder of ILV.

Each wallet address will be allowed to vote for a single Candidate where the number of votes cast will be determined by the following formula:

C= N²

Where the cost C is measured in ILV and N represents the number of votes cast for that candidate.

An example table is shown below:

Voting will occur on Snapshot Ilvgov.eth, and Council Members will vote on IIP’s and ICCP’s at

Elected Council Members will receive an exclusive NFT, which gives them the right to vote. The eDAO is responsible for issuing and retracting the NFTs in line with the election results.

If community members have any questions regarding the governance process, please join our Discord discussions in the Governance channels.

Every day, we are beyond thrilled to witness such an active, engaged, and enthusiastic community. Your participation in our governance ensures that Illuvium will be as successful as it can possibly be. Vote wisely, and, thank you in advance for voting.

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You’ll be hearing more from us soon!

*The “eDAO” and “Illuvinati Council” is our initial governance model, and is subject to change. We strive to implement the best models of decentralized and decentralizing governance.



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