Illuvidex v2.0 Patch Notes

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4 min readSep 30, 2022


What is the IlluviDex?

The IlluviDex is the single, convenient marketplace for all purchases related to the Illuvium universe. It also includes Illuvium sale events such as Land auctions and Illuvitars, promo NFTs and bonding.

Players can trade Illuvium NFTs purchased or found inside the Illuvium universe with zero gas fees thanks to the Immutable X layer two solution.

After the release of the IlluviDex v1, we received a ton of positive feedback from the community and some suggestions on what could be better. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and implement features that our community wants!

So, what’s new in IlluviDex 2.0?


  • Massively improved end-to-end UX.
  • Analytics Content Areas with Collection-specific Analytics Tab and Graph View.
    - The Land Collection has a custom map view. (including Region & Tier specific filtering)
  • Beautifully designed IlluviDex Homepage & Product Collection Pages.
    - New Land page.
    - New Illuvitars collection page.
  • NFT Product Item Page.
    - History Tab with product level transaction history.
  • Search Functionality.
  • Improved Land Region Map.
    - Land plot and map UI/UX upgrades.
    - Navigation changes. (including zoom and more)
  • Improved Filtering and Sort Functionality.
  • Transfer NFT Feature.
    - Wallet-to-wallet transfers.
    - UI/UX Improvements.
  • Listing Flow.
    - Inclusion of Listing Fee UI.
  • Trade page.
    - Favourites feature.
  • Activity tab improvements.
  • Sentry Monitoring
  • Improved page load times
The IMX team is still developing “offer” functionality. Illuvium plans to implement this feature into the IlluviDex as soon as IMX gives the green light.

New & Improved Landing Pages

The first thing you’ll notice is the facelift of the landing page. How information is organised and presented on a website is critical, and our team has gone above & beyond to make the IlluviDex home page as easy to use as possible.

A New FAQ Section

We know it can be challenging to keep up sometimes with lots going on! So, our updated and comprehensive FAQ section should provide answers to all your questions.

This particular section will constantly be updated, so remember to let us know if we haven’t answered a question!

New Analytics Chart & Volume Map Views

The community spoke, and we heard you all loud and clear! Many of you requested the introduction of new analytics charts and volume map views, so we’re excited to be able to offer that.

Throw in the new collection-specific metrics block, analytics tab & sales volume regions map view, and our analytics chart and volume map view is much improved.

Browse the Secondary Market with the Map

Another essential addition to IlluviDex v2 is that users can now browse the secondary market in map view! (this was previously only available during the Land sale auctions).

Are you thinking of putting together your very own megacity? Use the secondary market map to hone in on your desired plots.

These are just some of the more significant changes and additions you’ll find in IlluviDex v2! Check out the patch notes below for a comprehensive roundup of the changes implemented on this version!

Other Improvements

New collection stats and search options.

Improved filtering options.

Browse by list view and new sorting options.

Added map to Land plot view.

The Activity tab now shows mint and purchase history.

Check out all the new improvements at

Website: Illuvium

Twitter: illuviumio

Discord: Join the Illuvium Discord Server!

Medium: Illuvium — Medium

Telegram: Illuvium Official Chat

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