Illuvium Survival Arena: Private Beta 2 Has Arrived!

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3 min readSep 28, 2022


The much anticipated Survival Arena Private Beta 2 has arrived!

The feedback from the community for Private Beta 1 was absolutely essential. We appreciate your efforts, feedback, and bug reports. The developers have taken your input and worked hard to improve every aspect of the game. Not only is PB2 better, but it also contains a ton of new features.


There are thousands of updates with PB2, too many to list in this announcement, so here is a quick overview.

  • 106 New units. 75 T0’s and 31 Lynxes.
  • All Illuvials have had their Omega progression simplified. Stage 1s (on average) are more powerful, and stage 3s less.
  • The Shoebill, Pistol Shrimp, Ant Eater, Taipan, and Star Nosed Mole lines have reworked Omegas.
  • Leaderboard now ranks players correctly; Training mode no longer counts towards the Leaderboard.
  • You now gain a 10% interest bonus for unused mastery points per round.
  • Added Augments that players equip to Illuvials to provide additional power and effects.
  • Balance tweaks to almost all Illuvials.
  • Synergy tweaks, generally speaking, primary synergies have had their power increased, and composite synergies have had their power decreased.
  • Checkpoints! Your progress is saved every five waves in Competitive mode and every Wave in Training mode, and you can replay from a checkpoint after you are defeated.
  • The Hyper system has been simplified.
  • All matches now end in a win or a loss.

If you want to go into more detail, please read the full patch notes.

PB2 Access

All players who had PB1 will automatically gain access to PB2. Please note that you must log in to your Illuvium account and download an entirely new version of the game. After downloading PB2, you should delete your old PB1 game file folder.

If you do not have access to Private Beta yet, you can apply for this on our website


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