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Turning hassle into happiness, one ‘happy loser’ at a time

“Civic honesty is essential to social capital and economic development.”

  • With iLost, calls related to lost and found will drastically drop like butter off a hot knife. Note that, lost and found issues are always in the top three of all inquiry calls made to most organisations.
  • Email logs will become a thing of the past and all these will free up time for your staff to continue to provide assistance to customers on even more pressing issues.
  • Also, iLost gives your customers complete autonomy. They can search, claim, and schedule a pickup of their items without needing a helping hand from your staff. This alone saves time, money and hassle for your colleagues, customers, and organisation. Being able to see a picture of the found item gives your customer a whole new feeling of joy. You can say iLost offers a peek behind the curtains through the pictures
  • With a 24/7 online service, your customers won’t have to worry about your organisation being closed on the weekends. With iLost, your customers can search for their items all year round.
  • Another point is that iLost completely eliminates the use of online forms. While other software providers require your customers to fill in forms, iLost just focuses on simplicity, time efficiency, and modesty. Turning hassle into happiness is our top priority.
  • The iLost platform has been translated into many languages, very customer friendly! Language barrier? — Not an issue!



The search engine for lost and found

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