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Turning hassle into happiness, one ‘happy loser’ at a time

“Civic honesty is essential to social capital and economic development.”

To quote Alain Cohn an Assistant Professor of Information at the University of Michigan School of Information who recently conducted research on civic honesty around the globe, “Civic honesty is essential to social capital and economic development.”

With that in mind, your staff go to great lengths to reunite people with their lost items. Why not make their life easier by providing them with the technology they need and deserve?

Lost and found management software is the future of handling lost and found in organisations. So, do you already have a lost and found solution in place? Or better yet, are you already using iLost? If yes, then lucky you!

You as an organisation or your lost and found manager is already taking pleasure in all the features and know-how iLost has to offer. And I think at this point you will agree with me that reuniting people with their lost items has never been easier and faster.

For those of you who are still yet to know iLost, the perks of the iLost lost and found management solution or software are affluent and like no other.

  • With iLost, calls related to lost and found will drastically drop like butter off a hot knife. Note that, lost and found issues are always in the top three of all inquiry calls made to most organisations.
  • Email logs will become a thing of the past and all these will free up time for your staff to continue to provide assistance to customers on even more pressing issues.
  • Also, iLost gives your customers complete autonomy. They can search, claim, and schedule a pickup of their items without needing a helping hand from your staff. This alone saves time, money and hassle for your colleagues, customers, and organisation. Being able to see a picture of the found item gives your customer a whole new feeling of joy. You can say iLost offers a peek behind the curtains through the pictures
  • With a 24/7 online service, your customers won’t have to worry about your organisation being closed on the weekends. With iLost, your customers can search for their items all year round.
  • Another point is that iLost completely eliminates the use of online forms. While other software providers require your customers to fill in forms, iLost just focuses on simplicity, time efficiency, and modesty. Turning hassle into happiness is our top priority.
  • The iLost platform has been translated into many languages, very customer friendly! Language barrier? — Not an issue!

Amongst all things, iLost is particularly proud of the middle-man role they play in all of this. Yes, that’s right. Middle-man role. How?

Well, like other lost and found management solution providers, iLost covers a fully outsourced solution for Lost & Found with full support to your end-customers. When you work with iLost, you do not only get the top of the shelves service but iLost goes the extra mile to make the process of reuniting your customers with their lost/found items as smoothly as possible and with as less hassle as possible. One of the ways they do this is by taking over your entire customer support. Whether you are a big or small organisation, and across all segments, you enjoy the same level of support. Support related to lost and found of course. From the moment you publish the item online to the moment one of your customer’s frown is turned upside down, iLost accompanies them during each step of the process. They have questions like using the website or the status of their item — iLost takes care of all that. iLost provides support to your customers like a fortress so you can focus on your core business. iLost will boost your customer experience and customer satisfaction for you.

If you want to give your customers an unmatched experience in retrieving their lost items, iLost is the way to go. iLost strives to build a platform that is easy to use, easy to understand and provides only the most relevant and reliable information. A platform on demand if you will.

When you work with iLost, you are working with a friend. We listen to our partners and it is in our very DNA: Build, Measure and Learn. iLost learns from the feedback of their customers builds on their recommendations all in an effort to deliver a top-notch platform.

Curious about what iLost can do for you? — Schedule a demo today! Plus, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up to date with exciting lost and found news




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