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We Can Do Hard Things

Glitter, S**t & Rainbows: Rewiring the Brain

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Today, I sit here laughing at this topsy-turvy existence.

Recently, life has felt like one big joke.

Last week I finished paying off £1800 of unexpected debt.

I was felt like I could breathe for the first time in months.

Today, I found two letters waiting patiently for me by my front door; I grinned excitedly - letters, for me?!

I opened one up and my heart exploded, in a Universal fit of rage.

“Are you f**king kidding me?!”

I had yet another letter, demanding my money.

Apparently, I had driven through the low emission zones in Bath City Centre a couple of months ago in my van. I was clueless.

I bit my tongue, held my breath and slid open the second letter, hoping for some lighter news…

I then laughed out loud, in absolute hysterics.

It was another letter, from Bath Town Council.

Apparently, I had driven through the low emission zone twice.

I now had two more fines to pay.

Glitter, S**t or Rainbows?

Life is a mixture of glitter, s**t and rainbows.

I am starting to believe that it is simply our job to mix it all together and laugh at the best mud pie.

To my surprise, today isn’t a s**t day.

My body feels like s**t.

But, that doesn’t make it a **t day.

Let me explain…

Hit Me One More Time

My health is constantly going through ebbs and flows.

The past few months have been very ‘ebby’ to say the least.

I’m sure you can relate.

Forget the labels, forget whatever I have, you have, we have or the doctors have said we have. If it’s chronic, it’s more than likely that you are bored of reading and reciting endless lists of symptoms in an attempt to be understood.

Since January, I feel like life has been throwing me constant curveballs.

I have experienced setback after setback: debt, health ebbs, emotional stress, financial stress, more health ebbs, a horrendous cold, a few days of feeling better only to be hit by the one and only co-vid.

In the past, I would have hit the floor and cried.

But, after eight years of playing the daily game of duck, duck goose with my health, I know now. That this too, shall pass.

Okay, it might take a while.

It might take f**king weeks.

But, it always passes.

One of these days, I will get to stop ducking and start running.

Even if it’s only a little way; I will relish this moment with sweetness and splendour, as others simply go about their day.

We Can Do Hard Things

Living with a chronic health condition is far from easy, however, if we embrace the challenges, there are many rewards to be seen.

After all, it is us that know:

We can do hard things.

If we choose our thoughts wisely, it is possible to roll ourselves in glitter, even if our body feels like a turd; we have the choice to make it a good day, every day, even if it hurts.

Recently, I have been embarking on Annie Hopper’s DNRS Programme (Dynamic Neural Retraining System).

Initially, I began the practise in hope of healing symptoms related to my nervous system.

Whilst, I am experiencing a mixture of miraculous and some more gradual improvements in my overall state of health, I have noticed one HUGE shift…


The programme requires one hours practise of ‘brain rewiring techniques’ per day and I have been absolutely blown away by the shifts in my mental realm.

Suddenly, I’m not so scared.

Suddenly, everything feels less overwhelming.

And suddenly, I am remembering who I was before all this illness hit.

Most importantly, DNRS is teaching me that we can still rock up, show up and create beautiful moments, even in the middle of a storm.

When we focus on feeling good from the inside out, rather than relying on our physical body to dictate our mental state from the outside in, we have mastered TRUE POWER.

DNRS is teaching me to cultivate a feel-good feeling and become a radiate being - no matter how my body feels.

To me, a good day looks like this:

  • Starting my morning with DNRS, now matter how I feel.
  • Nourishing my body with some yummy, healthy food.
  • Choosing to engage in conversation which makes me feel light.
  • Observing my thoughts and consciously choosing to divert from negative thought patterns.
  • Channelling my pain (a.k.a. power) into something creative.
  • Laughing when it all goes tits up.

In Conclusion

I would highly recommend checking out the DNRS Programme if you are looking to heal mysterious, chronic health conditions.

I am only half way through the programme but it has gifted me with an unimaginable sense of power; I feel hope for the first time in a long time.

My mental game is on top form and even though my body may be ebbing and flowing, my mind is forging the way to a much lighter, brighter me.

If you are currently ‘ebbing’, remember…

Life is throwing us never-ending curveball; sometimes, it’s just easiest to laugh. And when everything feels like too much, just remember…

That this too, shall pass.




Inspiring stories by extraordinary people living life to the full, despite chronic illness. I’m Possible takes you from an unfulfilled mentality to an anything is possible reality; with a sprinkling of acceptance, hope and joy along the way.

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