I’m Sorry

Get it off your chest, let it go and move on.

Sorry Brands, you’re losing twitter followers due to ….

You’re unintentionally asking your followers to GO 

My Sweetest Friend

Kimberly Kerwin and the endless hurt

Focusing on the pain, it seems to be the only thing that is real in my life. I remember everything Kimberly…

To The Man I Almost Loved

Almost loving you was quite possibly the most painful experience of my life. It was most definitely more painful than getting my heart broken in many ways. Being so…

Do You Have Something You Want To Get Off Your Chest?

Hello. My name is Dave Bry. I wrote a book called Public Apology that will come out in March. The book started as a column on the…

I’m Sorry

I tend to be a good listener, except when I’m distracted.

For example, I didn’t realize what I was missing at the Mori Art Museum, located on the 53rd floor of a…

I’m Sorry I Called You a Cow

I’ll never forget that look in your eyes. I’m a better person because of it but I’m sorry it happened this way.

I was only in fifth grade. I was young and immature. I was trying to be cool. I was… blah blah blah. Excuses.

The teacher had instructed us to find a table to work on a new project. We had assigned seats, but for…

I’m sorry I peeked.

An apology to my parents and Santa Claus:

Every birthday and every Christmas Eve from the time I can remember to my freshman year of high school, I’d peek.

Don’t say you did, too. This was no “oops, I found my unwrapped gifts in Mom’s closet” or the wake up early, peek over the balcony, see what Santa left me and then sneak back in bed…

I’m Sorry
I’m Sorry

Get it off your chest, let it go and move on.

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